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MH370: debris arrives in France as search for truth switches to laboratory

Aircraft wing part washed up on Réunion will be driven to Toulouse defence laboratory for confirmation it belonged to missing Boeing 777.

MH370 search: debris found on Réunion being sent to France

French air accident investigators in Toulouse will examine wreckage amid growing speculation it is from the missing Malaysian airliner.

'Aircraft debris' found on French island examined for MH370 links

Possible wing debris found on Indian Ocean island of La Réunion is being examined to see if it comes from doomed 2014 Malaysia Airlines flight.

Shark kills teenage boy on French Indian Ocean island La Réunion

The death of the 13-year-old surfer, after suffering bites to his arms and legs, was the seventh shark-related fatality around the island since 2011.

Suspected Ebola case reported on France's Réunion Island

Pharmacist admitted to hospital on Indian Ocean island with a moderate fever had recently carried out humanitarian work in Ebola-hit Guinea.

France faces up to scandal of stolen children from its overseas territory

The French parliament will this week vote upon recognition of children kidnapped from La Réunion used to boost France's rural population.

One dead as cyclone skims France's Reunion island

Cyclone Bejisa also left 15 people injured and uprooted trees, flooded and damaged dozens of homes and severed power and water supplies.

Maloya: The protest music banned as a threat to France

The music from Reunion considered a threat to the French state in the 1970s is now being used to express the anger of a new generation.

France launches Indian Ocean island shark cull after attacks on surfers

Fishermen will kill some 20 sharks off Indian Ocean island of La Réunion in an official operation to discover what prompted recent attacks on surfers.