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Demonstrations across France against Macron labour law reforms

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Protest marches were held across major French towns and cities on Tuesday, joined by strike action notably among transport workers, in opposition to President Emmanuel Macron's business-friendly reforms to free-up the labour law, notably making it easier for firms to hire and fire, which are due to be implemented later this month.

The blush-saving rhetoric surrounding France's labour law reforms

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The French government has presented the detail of its labour law reform, which were a pillar of President Emmanuel Macron’s election manifesto and which he said was urgent "because it will create jobs". But already, Prime Minister Édouard Philippe has downplayed the importance of the reforms, which he now describes as “just the start”. Mediapart economics correspondent Romaric Godin argues in this op-ed article that this is a typical example of the rhetoric surrounding liberal reforms, such as during the European debt crisis, in which their limited results become obscured by the supposed necessity for yet more urgent deregulation.

The key advisors hoping to steer Macron's labour law reforms past the unions


Newly-elected French President Emmanuel Macron has made the introduction of structural reforms in France one the priorities of his five-year term, beginning with a freeing-up of labour market regulations which he intends pushing through parliament this summer in the form of executive decrees. He began consultations with union leaders and employers this week, but he has made clear that the fundamentals are not negotiable, raising the prospect of a costly social conflict. To help steer this controversial and potentially divisive labour law reform into place a team of three key advisors have been appointed and who are profiled here by Dan Israel and Manuel Jardinaud.

Macron meets with unions to present his labour law reforms

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French President Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday met with trades union leaders to discuss the sweeping labour law reforms he plans to introduce this summer, which were a key element of his election manifesto and which include making hiring and firing easier, moving wage bargaining to company level and capping financial awards to employees by labour tribunals.

Anti-labour law reform protestors march again around France

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Unions claimed 170,000 joined nationwide demonstrations against the socialist government's labour law reforms, despite the fact they have already become law through use of a decree that bypassed parliamentary approval.

French labour law reforms finally adopted

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The socialist government again used a decree to dispense with parliamentary approval for adoption of the bill which became law on Thursday evening.

Fresh anti-labour law reform protests held in French cities

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The FO union claimed the target figure of one million people turned out in nationwide marches against reform bill aimed at liberalising labour market.

Rubbish piles up in Paris as binmen join anti-labour law reform protests

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Blockades at waste collection centres are preventing rubbish collection in the capital and other cities, while strikes are also disrupting rail services.

French police face 48 complaints of violent behaviour at demonstrations

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Nationwide demonstrations against labour law reforms have seen fierce battles involving protestors and police, causing serious injuries.

French PM vows no change to labour law reforms despite strikes

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Manuel Valls said French are 'too used to feeling that reform is impossible and it’s enough to contest it in the street for reform not to happen'.

France braced for transport sector chaos amid unfolding strike action

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Trades union protests against labour law reforms, along with separate pay demands, will this week see widespread rail and air transport strikes.

The French government’s intolerable snub to democracy

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Democracy belongs to neither the Left nor the Right, and when it is flouted by governments of either political side every democrat worthy of the name must simply say “no”, argues Mediapart editor-in-chief Edwy Plenel following the socialist government’s decision to force through parliament, without a vote, its controversial labour law reforms which, he writes in this op-ed, represent a social regression for every employee in France.