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French students take to streets in labour law reform protests

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School and university students took to the streets across France to protest government's proposed reform to free-up the labour market.

French government fails to convince students protesting labour reforms

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President François Hollande, already deeply unpopular, faces growing anger from left-wing youth organisations that would usually back him.

Nationwide demonstrations in France against labour law reform

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Early reports were of a lower than expected turnout for the protests against proposed reforms that reduce rights and safeguards for employees. 

French law 'to give staff right to snub emails outside office hours'

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Labour minister Myriam El Khomri is reportedly planning to introduce law that bans employers from sending staff out-of-hours emails or texts.

French PM loosens 'hire and fire' rules for small businesses

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Manuel Valls announced easing of rules limiting roll-on temporary contracts, severance pay limit of six months, and tax breaks for those who hire.

Ryanair hit for 9 mn euros by French court

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Judges rule that airline had illegally given French-based staff Irish contracts in order to save money on payroll and other taxes.