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France's Macron signs labour reforms into law

Thousands of protesters have condemned the reforms, which make it easier for companies in France to hire and cheaper to fire staff.

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French lorry drivers protest against labour reforms

Truck drivers fear changes will affect small firms that make up 75-80% of profession by creating 'unfair competition' and reducing job security.

How French press reacted to Macron's plans for labour law reform

Right-wing papers hail Macron's flagship reforms as major advance while publications on the Left say plans will drag France back 30 years. 

Macron government reveals French labour reforms

The measures to be revealed on Thursday will be a big test for his Macron's presidency, which faces mass protests in September.

Macron hits back after Hollande criticism

New French president blasted critics of his plan to overhaul labour law a day after predecessor suggested the reform includes 'useless sacrifices'.

Protests across France as labour law reform bill moves to upper house

The street protests, led by trades unions and often marred by violence by hooded youths, attracted tens of thousands in Paris and other major cities.

French government survives no-confidence vote

A conservative opposition-tabled no-confidence motion, prompted by the forced passage of labour reforms through the lower house, failed by 42 votes.

Hundreds of thousands join French day of protest against labour reforms

New test of strength for President Hollande as protesters challenge plans to change labour laws in way that unions say favours businesses.

France opts for big over small with its labour reforms

Amid reform retreat, ministers have fought hard to keep measures that affect big companies - while sacrificing those affecting smaller firms.

Tough challenge for French labour reforms

President Hollande walks tightrope with reforms to ease labour costs and layoff procedures, while also offering guarantees against job losses.