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French radio goes to war with language quotas in fight for musical freedom

Government plans law to stop radio stations circumventing rules that state that 40 percent of songs played must be in French.

France gives in to the hashtag

'French is not in danger' is a remarkable assertion from country that officially banned the use of anglicisms for decades, says William Alexander.

French 'to be the most-spoken langauge by 2050'

Research by French investment bank Natixis finds that within 40 years French will be spoken by more people than English or Manadarin.

French...the language of the future?

Study suggests that by 2050 more people in the world will speak French as first language than English or Mandarin.

Drop these ugly Anglicisms ASAP, urge French language police

Académie Française condemns use of abbreviation of 'as soon as possible', and the adoption by the sporting world of 'scorer' as a verb.

France stages summit to resist rise of English language on TV

Media watchdog says its aim is to help TV and radio channels be aware of their obligations in defending and promoting the French language.

Decline in French language skills worry academics in Madagascar

Malagasy language more widely spoken on streets and at home while English is fast becoming the foreign language of choice in former French colony.

French oppose digital revolution to protect culture and language

In latest attack culture minister accuses Amazon of destroying bookshops as France wages war against the cultural impact of the internet.

French academia in war of words over plan to teach in English

Government  ministers have been accused of sabotaging the French language by relaxing a ban on English being used in French universities.

British poet becomes 'immortal' as he's chosen to guard French language

Michael Edwards, 74, is the first Briton to achieve "immortality" by becoming a member of the hallowed institution the Académie Française.

The fight to save Louisiana's centuries-old French-language culture

A fightback is underway to save Cajun French, a form of French language spoken for centuries among communities in Louisiana, from extinction.