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French ponder 'right' to disconnect from work emails at home

Planned law would require French companies to encourage employees to turn off phones and other devices after they leave work.

Staff unions stall France's Sunday trading reform


Laws restricting Sunday trading in France were freed up in a package of liberal economic measures introduced last July by economy minister Emmanuel Macron. The so-called ‘Macron law’ allows stores in designated zones in Paris and a handful of other towns and cities to open every Sunday and to lengthen late-opening hours, on condition that agreement is found with staff. But, as Mathilde Goanec reports, fierce union resistance to the extended trading is stalling any widespread implementation of the controversial new law.

‘Doggy bag’ law introduced in France

Larger restaurants now obliged to offer doggy bags under new rules that aim to reduce annual seven million tonnes of food waste in France.

Under new French law models must prove they are not too thin

Models will have to produce medical certificate to confirm they are a healthy weight and magazines must label Photoshopped images.

French state of emergency powers 'could be made indefinite'

News agency AFP reports text of draft law could make French government's exceptional three-month state of emergency powers 'indefinite'.

What France’s state of emergency means in practice


French President François Hollande announced a nationwide state of emergency on Saturday, granting the government exceptional powers in the wake of Friday’s terrorist attacks in and around Paris that left at least 132 people dead. The powers initially last for 12 days, and Hollande announced on Monday he will seek parliamentary approval to prolong it for a period of three months. So just what are the special powers announced on Saturday? Michel de Pracontal explains.

Defining the troubled notion of secularism in France


Jean-Louis Bianco is head of France’s Secularism Monitoring Centre, a public body that advises public institutions, local authorities and the private sector, among others, on the country’s laws on secularity and their application. Amid an increasingly tense political debate over multiculturalism in France, the legislation has rarely been so fiercely championed - but also brought into question. To address the misunderstandings by both camps, Bianco travels France each week to discuss the principle and the detail of the law with various sections of the population. Mathieu Magnaudeix followed him on one such trip to a small town in north-east France.

French government forces deregulation bill through parliament

The business reforms, which include rules to broaden trading hours and deregulate some sectors, were passed into law without a vote by MPs.

France moves to ban food waste in supermarkets

Under new law supermarkets will be forced to donate any unsold but still edible food goods to charity or for use as animal feed or farm compost.

France votes to ban ultra-thin models in crackdown on anorexia

Modelling agencies protest as anyone employing models who are considered too thin face fines of up to €75,000 and six months in prison.

France to ban free-refill culture of sugary drinks in bid to combat obesity

In 2014 one in eight adults in France was classified as obese and 40 percent overweight - some experts blame influence of UK and US fast food culture.

French Senate overturns bill to punish prostitutes’ clients

Under new proposal - which has to be approved by MPs - prostitutes would continue to face fines and jail but customers would not be prosecuted.

French government likely to back bill of law banning too-thin fashion models

French health minister hints at support for MP's proposed law to outlaw anorexic models, with employers who breach it facing fines and jail.

France seizes passports of six 'Syria-bound' citizens

Officials say the move, carried out under new counter-terrorism laws, came amid fears the men wanted to join Islamic State.

New French law allows for arbitrary closure of suspected terrorist websites

Rights groups criticised the law which allows the government to directly order ISPs to shut websites suspected of terrorist or paedophile activity.