France finally upgrades animals from 'furniture' status

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Parliament passes new law ending 200-year Napoleonic definition that put pets and livestock in France on a par with armchairs.

French parliament approves presidential impeachment law

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The law, if approved by the Constitutional Council, would strip French presidents of their current immunity from prosecution.

Ex-prostitute marches 800km in France to back law punishing clients

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Rosen Hicher is angry that draft law to fine men up to €1,500 for paying for sex was shelved by a French Senate committee in July.

France to outlaw single-use plastic bags by 2016

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Proposed law in wide-ranging Energy Transition bill will also outlaw disposable plastic cutlery and crockery by 2020.

Amazon counter-attacks French ban on free deliveries

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In response to new law the online bookseller is now charging customers in France just one centime for books dispatched to their homes.

France to clamp down on would-be jihadists with new law

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Proposed bill includes ban on foreign travel for individuals suspected of being radicalised, plus powers to confiscate their passports.

France boosts say on Alstom with foreign takeover law

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Surprise decree could be obstacle to General Electric's takeover of France's Alstom, as industry minister talks of need for 'economic patriotism'.

France gives workers right to donate days off to colleagues with sick children

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The law is inspired by the case a French man whose colleagues donated 170 days paid leave while his son battled with cancer.

Let’s call time on French‑bashing

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Erroneous story about France 'banning' work emails after 6pm is just latest example of 'lazy' UK journalism about its neighbour across the Channel.

French court throws out law fining arbitrary factory closures

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The Constitutional Court ruled invalid a law that set high fines on companies which shut plants before trying all options to keep them open.

Hollande rules animals should remain 'objects'

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The French president has dismissed a call by a group of French thinkers, writers, historians and scientists that animals be given 'sentient' status.

The debate behind France's fudged recognition of the blank vote


The blank vote, also known as a white vote, will be partially recognised as a legitimate vote in France following the adoption of a bill of law to that effect during its final passage before the French parliament’s upper house last week. However, it will not be considered as an effective part of election results, in which only ballot papers with named candidates will be included. For the new legislation simply distinguishes the blank vote from invalid, spoiled, votes with which it was previously included. While the law’s supporters argue that this partial recognition of the blank vote will reduce abstentions and protest votes for extremist parties, a number of political analysts dismiss that view as naive. Mathieu Magnaudeix reports.

National Assembly approves law banning MPs from other public offices

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The legislation prohibits members of the French or European parliaments from holding local executive offices such as mayorships from 2017.

French senators pass ‘anti-Amazon’ law to protect small retailers

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France's upper chamber has approved a bill that would ban online book retailers - such as Amazon - from offering free delivery.

French officials can monitor internet users in real time under new law

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Clause that allows police and other agencies to spy without authorisation is passed weeks after France expressed outrage at NSA revelations.