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Draft law on prostitution before French parliament this week

A bill of law which scraps a ban on solliciting on streets but which criminalises prostitutes' clients is to be debated in the National Assembly.

'Show us respect and equality': filmmaker, feminist Samia Chala on why France must look in the mirror and lift the veil ban

Since its introduction in April 2011, a French law banning the ‘concealment of the face’ in public has been received by a section of France’s practicing Muslims, estimated to total about two million people, as an act of discrimination and provocation, for it above all targets the wearing of the Muslim veil. Documentary-maker Samia Chala (pictured) settled in France in the 1990s after fleeing the Islamist-led civil war in her native Algeria in the 1990s. In this interview with Rachida El Azzouzi and Antoine Perraud, this self-proclaimed feminist and “mauler of Islamists” explains her outrage at a law that prohibits a basic freedom and which, she argues, does nothing but to further stigmatize an already largely alienated population of North African origin. “I am doing nothing other than sounding an alarm," says Chala. “If we don’t stop this escalation, there will be a clash. And what a clash!”

Celebrities condemn prostitution crackdown in France

Around 60 big names, including rock stars, filmmakers and a former culture minister, call for 'real debate' over plans to outlaw paying for sex.

Will France make paying for sex a crime?

Bill tabled by the ruling Socialist Party would make it an offence for a person to 'have recourse to prostitution', in other words to pay for sex.

French couple win legal battle to take down wind farm spoiling their view

In first judgement of its kind, judges rule that the siting of ten wind turbines blighted the countryside and that the wind farm should be taken down.

High-profile French 'bastards' raise storm over prostitution petition

Feminists express outrage at a move by well-known journalists, actors and lawyers to attack proposed changes in prostitution laws.  

French Constitutional Council orders all mayors to celebrate gay marriages

Mayors and their deputies may no longer invoke freedom of conscience clause to refuse to perform same-sex marriages legalized last May.

France approves 'anti-Amazon' bill

Law to save bookships will restrict companies such as Amazon from combining offers of five percent discounts with free deliveries.

French stores rebel against Sunday trading ban in bitter row

Two home improvement chains, ordered by court to stop opening stores on Sundays or face a fine of 120,000 euros, defiantly opened for business.

French bill would criminalise paying for sex

Proposed legislation may outlaw paying for sex in France while giving prostitutes who are victims of sexual violence easier access to legal support.

French law to expose restaurants' 'homemade' microwave meals

MPs vote to force restaurants to identify meals made on their premises with "homemade" label in bid to highlight bought in and warmed-up meals.

Hollande political transparency pledge watered down

A proposed new law debated this week says constituents can consult MPs' or senators' wealth declaration, but publishing it will be an offence.

French lawmakers thwart Hollande's transparency drive

French MPs vote for amendment under which their assets will only be made public to people on electoral list who request the information.

First gay couple wed in France amid tight security

Vincent Autin and Bruno Boileau said "oui" in Montpellier just days after President Francois Hollande signed the same-sex marriage bill into law.

Hollande signs same-sex marriage bill into law

The French president has signed into law a bill contested by the opposition making France the 14th country worldwide to legalise gay marriage.