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France to allow class action lawsuits within months

Lawsuits against misselling and over-charging are part of bid to boost consumer rights after recent scandals including the mislabelling of horsemeat.

Will France introduce yet another law on the veil?


There was an outcry in France when an appeal court sided with a woman who was fired by a private crèche for wearing a headscarf at work. Interior minister Manuel Valls says he now favours a new law to extend the ban on wearing religious symbols, while opponents argue that new measures simply risk stigmatising French Muslims still further. As Carine Fouteau reports, it looks as if the government has come on the side of the interior minister and is preparing new legislation.

French Senate adopts key article of gay marriage bill

Senate paves way for new law after voting to redefine marriage as a union between “two individuals of different sex or of the same sex”.

French Senate starts gay marriage debate amid protests

France's upper chamber of parliament has begun examining bill which gives homosexual couples the right to marry and adopt children.

How France's crackdown on street prostitution backfired


A grim and disturbing report has revealed how a law aimed at tackling street prostitution and people trafficking, introduced ten years ago, has not only largely failed in its main aims but in some cases has produced disastrous results, making prostitutes more vulnerable to attacks and leading to numerous abuses by police officers. The controversial law is now due to be scrapped. Michel Deléan reports.

Lower house of French parliament approves bill that would legalize gay marriage, adoption

The measure, approved in 329-to-229 vote in National Assembly, puts France on track to join about a dozen nations that allow gay marriage.

France pledges marriage equality despite protests

Justice minister says the referendum on same-sex marriage demanded by many opponents would be unconstitutional and says bill will go ahead.

France pledges marriage equality despite protests

Justice minister says the referendum on same-sex marriage demanded by many opponents would be unconstitutional and says that bill will go ahead.

Faced with opposition, French government dithers over artificial insemination for lesbians


For weeks it has been an issue that has divided not just public opinion but also the ruling Socialist Party. Should lesbians who want children should get access to medically-assisted procreation - by in vitro fertilization or artificial insemination? After changes of stance and tactics, the government has finally announced that the measure will now included in new family legislation later in 2013. But some critics fear that time is being lost – while others say that it has simply opened up a second front for opponents. Mathieu Magnaudeix reports.

Gay marriage supporters stage weekend of demonstrations across France

The demonstrations are a response to the recent mobilisation of thousands of opponents of the government’s plan to legalise gay marriage.

Thousands march in France against same-sex marriage bill

Protests over “major and dangerous upheaval” government bill that would extend marriage and adoption rights to same-sex couples.

French cabinet approves same-sex marriage bill

The French government approves bill to go before parliament that will allow same-sex couples to marry and adopt children.

France to outlaw visits to "terrorist" training camps

New law proposed by Interior Minister will allow police to arrest people who visit combat training camps in countries such as Pakistan or Afghanistan.

French parliament has a hoot while mulling sexual harassment law

While the French parliament is set to pass new sexual harassment law, it demonstrably fails to live up to the ambitions itself.

France to pass gay marriage, adoption law

The new Socialist government is to legalize marriage and adoption for same-sex couples, Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault announced.