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Twitter users thwart French exit poll results ban with WWII codes

Twitter users made the French presidential election a war of green Hungarian wine and red Dutch cheese to thwart laws banning early result predictions.

Sarkozy orders new genocide law after court outlaws earlier bill

President Sarkozy orders his government to draft a new law punishing denial of the Armenian genocide after a top court struck down a previous bill.

The changing face of the French seasonal worker


Summer is the height of the employment season for thousands of temporary workers. The caricature of the average seasonal worker in France used to be a footloose, happy-go-lucky male party animal, sporting an all-year-round tan; in summer he served cocktails on the beach, in winter he gave ski lessons. But nowadays, ‘he' is often a she, pushing 50, with a family to feed, no hope of finding a long-term contract, and little idea of how she is going to make it through the next 12 years to retirement. Noémie Rousseau reports.