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How French press reacted to Macron's plans for labour law reform

Right-wing papers hail Macron's flagship reforms as major advance while publications on the Left say plans will drag France back 30 years. 

Nicolas Sarkozy outlines plan to save France

Former French president says he would allow firms to scrap 35-hour week, cut taxes and shrink country's civil service.

Sarkozy denounces "Stasi" phone-tapping

Angry former president likens eavesdropping to actions of former East German police and says Republic's principles have been 'trampled' on.

Hollande popularity sinks below 20% on affair, unemployment

With jobless total at 16 year high, the French president's poll ratings fall below 20% for the first time since his election win in May 2012.

One in three French people have 'earned undeclared income this year'

Half of France's babysitters and teaching assistants and a third of domestic cleaners are paid 'under the table' says new survey.

Poll suggests French negative views of Islam widen

An opinion poll for French daily Le Figaro found a majority of respondents believed Islam had too great an influence in France.

Wounded French journalist Edith Bouvier and colleague William Daniels reach safety in Lebanon

French journalists Edith Bouvier and William Daniels have managed to get out of Syria and are now safely in Lebanon, confirms President Sarkozy.