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‘To exit Europe, is to exit history,’ France's Hollande warns

Attacking a growing tide of Euroscepticism in France, Hollande said that the EU had brought peace and economic stability to the continent.

Former French spy chief on trial in phone-tapping scandal

Bernard Squarcini says he was acting in national interest by tapping into the phone records of journalist Gérard Davet over Bettencourt story.

US spy chief denies French phone surveillance report

US intelligence chief James Clapper denies reports that US spies recorded data from 70 million phone calls in France in a single 30-day period.

US-France row deepens with 'NSA spied on French diplomats' report

The US National Security Agency spied on French diplomats in Washington and at the UN, according to latest claims by French daily Le Monde.

France's Le Monde says chemical weapons used in Syria

Newspaper says one of its photographers suffered blurred vision and respiratory difficulties after an attack on April 13 just inside central Damascus.

From penniless youth to billionaire – how Free boss Xavier Niel became one of France's most powerful men


He is one of the most powerful and influential men in France today. Not only is Xavier Niel the founder and main shareholder of the country's second biggest internet service provider, Free, the billionaire businessman is also part-owner of the nation's best-known newspaper Le Monde. Such is his power – and personality – that he is not afraid to take on Google, while he is friends with some of the most prominent families who make up France's wealthy business elite. Yet in the late 1980s Niel was a 'brilliant but penniless' youth with no formal qualifications working as a technician in the twilight world of sex chatlines and dating in central Paris. In an investigation Mediapart charts Niel's career from his lucrative ownership of sex shops in Paris and Strasbourg to the day he seized total control of the company that would ultimately make him France’s 12th wealthiest man. Laurent Mauduit and Dan Israel report.

French intelligence 'halted surveillance' of Toulouse gunman

French secret services stopped tracking Toulouse gunman Mohamed Merah despite evidence of his extensive links to jihadists, reports Le Monde.

French prosecutor Courroye under investigation for spying on journalists

A top French prosecutor close to President Nicolas Sarkozy has been placed under investigation for illegally spying on French journalists.

French prosecutor in Bettencourt affair illegally spied journalists' phone calls

Philippe Courroye Philippe Courroye

Senior French public prosecutor Philippe Courroye (pictured) acted illegally when he spied on journalists' phone calls and SMS records in order to identify their sources while they were reporting the L'Oréal-Bettencourt affair, France's highest court has ruled. It is a severe blow for Courroye, widely regarded as an ally of President Nicolas Sarkozy and who now faces being formally placed under investigation - one step short of charges being brought - for "collecting information of a personal nature by use of fraudulent, foul or illicit means". Michel Deléan reports.

Le Monde ordered to pay compensation to Barca over doping claims

French daily Le Monde has been ordererd to pay 15,000 euros to Barcelona Football Club after wrongly reporting it was linked to a doping scandal.

Bettencourt tapes stolen in mystery break-ins targetting Mediapart, Le Point and Le Monde

Journalists from Mediapart, French daily Le Monde and weekly news magazine Le Point, all involved in in-depth investigations into the Bettencourt scandal, have been targeted by a series of mysterious burglaries during October, which included the theft from Mediapart's offices of the secret Bettencourt tapes.