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France has 10,593 new Covid-19 cases as PM faces virus lawsuit

The death toll in France rose by 45, bringing the total tally to 31,095.

Human rights groups seek injunction to stop delivery of French boats to Libya

The 12-metre '1200 Rafale' speedboat made by French firm Sillinger similar to those being sent to Libya. © Sillinger The 12-metre '1200 Rafale' speedboat made by French firm Sillinger similar to those being sent to Libya. © Sillinger

Eight human rights and refugee associations have joined together to take legal action over France's decision to give a number of fast boats to the Libyan navy. At the launch of their legal process on Thursday April 25th, the groups said France's actions would “contribute to blatant violations” of migrants' fundamental rights. Mathilde Mathieu reports.

French farmers sue over cow deaths blamed on 'electromagnetism'

The group are suing the French state over the death of hundreds of cows, which they believe are the victims of harmful electromagnetic fields.

City of Paris to sue Airbnb over 'illegal' ads

Paris City Hall is to sue online short-term rental firm Airbnb for not ensuring that property owners using its platform abide by local regulations, notably that short-term rentals are limited to a total of 120 days per year.

Legal case filed over 'standdown' order to troops in 2015 Paris attacks

The official revelation that a group of soldiers on security patrol close to the Bataclan muic hall, where 90 concert goers were massacred by an Islamic State terrorist group on the evening of November 13th 2015, were ordered not to intervene has prompted a legal complaint by survivors and victims' relatives.

Apple, Epson targeted in French lawsuit over product 'life-shortening'

A French consumer association has filed a lawsuit against US smartphone maker Apple and Japanese printer manufacturer Epson for allegedly deliberately designing their products to fail after a shorter period than would otherwise occur in order to spur new sales.   

France files complaint against Amazon for 'abusing dominant position'

The French economy ministry has filed action in a Paris commercial court demanding a 10-million-euro fine against internet retail giant Amazon which it accuses of using its dominant position to impose allegedly unfair contracts with vendors using the platform.

Italian earthquake town to sue French satyrical magazine Charlie Hebdo

The authorities in Amatrice, after which is named a pasta dish, launches legal action over cartoons mocking victims of the devastating August earthquake as 'penne in tomato sauce' and 'lasagne'.

French state of emergency facing court challenges

Some Muslims in France are taking government to court over what they call illegal acts in the name of preventing another jihadist attack.

French TV channel BFM sued over coverage of kosher supermarket massacre

Victims and their families claim the news channel's coverage endangered their lives during the deadly attack in Paris by Amedy Coulibaly.

Organization of Islamic Cooperation 'ponders legal action against Charlie Hebdo'

The 57-member-state body which claims to represent a majority of Muslim countries says it is studying options under European and French law.

Mother sues France over jihadist son’s trip to Syria

Mother says authorities should have done more to stop her 16-year-old son from making the journey to the war-torn country.

France's Hollande attacks report of affair with actress

French president says he has a right to privacy and is considering suing Closer magazine after it claimed he was having an affair with Julie Gayet.

Extreme right? Not us, says France's Le Pen

Leader of far-right Front national Marine Le Pen says she will consider legal action against those who label her party as 'extreme right'.

Gay couple sue French mayor over marriage refusal

The 60-year-old mayor from south-west France, who faces up to five years in prison, said he would rather serve jail time than marry two men.