Legion of Honour

France to strip Syria's Assad of Légion d'honneur award

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The French presidency confirmed on Monday that a procedure has begun to strip Bashar al-Assad of his Légion d'honneur award, France's highest honour for actions of civil merit, given to him in 2001 by France's then-president Jacques Chirac.

France awards Legion of Honour to victims and 'heroes' of terrorism

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Out of the 600 recipients, twenty were involved in last year's fatal attacks in January and in a Thalys train attack later in August.

Legion of Honour row: the real reason why top French economist snubbed state award

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The public refusal of celebrated economist Thomas Piketty to accept the state's highest distinction, the Legion of Honour, sparked controversy in France last week. Some in the government sought to paint the best-selling left-wing economist's decision as that of a quixotic intellectual stuck inside an ivory tower. But as Hubert Huertas points out, Piketty's refusal was not based on vanity or a whim. Instead the affair throws the spotlight back on François Hollande himself, who as a presidential candidate championed Piketty's ideas to get himself elected but who once in office refused to implement them as government policy. In other words, the controversy has become a symbol of how the French president failed to keep his promise.

French economist Thomas Piketty rejects top state honour

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Author of 'Capital in the 21st Century' turned down Légion d'honneur saying government should instead focus on reviving French economy.

US author Danielle Steel awarded France's highest honour

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Steel joins other foreigners such as Bob Dylan and Philip Roth awarded the 'Legion d'honneur' in recognition of service to France or its ideals.

Bob Dylan approved for France's Légion d'Honneur

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The singer's nomination for honour is approved after reportedly first being rejected over his drug use and opposition to Vietnam war.

Liza Minnelli receives top French honour

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France has awarded Liza Minnelli with its highest civil honour, in a ceremony in Paris attended by the US actress and singer.