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Virtual art gallery in France showcases Leonardo's 'power and grace'

At the manor house in central France where the artist spent the last three years of his life, a 12-minute immersive experience envelops the visitor with the paintings and the sketches that preceded them.

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Scientific expert threatens Louvre with legal action over Leonardo da Vinci exhibition

Expert Pascal Cotte during the digitisation project on the 'Mona Lisa' in 2004. © DR Expert Pascal Cotte during the digitisation project on the 'Mona Lisa' in 2004. © DR

Pascal Cotte, a French scientist who has written several studies and two books on the 'Mona Lisa', and who has digitised several works by Leonardo da Vinci, has accused the Louvre Museum of “parasitism” in relation to his work. Cotte claims that in its major exhibition on the artist, which ends on February 24th, the Paris museum has not credited his discoveries and ground-breaking work on the artist and his most famous painting. Karl Laske reports.

Da Vinci's 'Vitruvian Man' to go to Paris exhibition

After a court battle in Italy to prevent its transfer, Leonardo da Vinci's celebrated ink drawing work 'The Vitruvian Man', based on the writings of the ancient Roman architect Vitruvius who correlated the measurements and design of the human body into architecture, a loan has finally been approved to the Louvre museum in Paris for a major upcoming exhibition  marking the 500th anniversary of the Italian polymath's death.

France and Italy make up with Leonardo and Raphael art swap

After the replacement earlier this month of Italy's populist and far-right government for one that is largely Left-leaning and pro-EU, the easing of a previously tense relationship between Rome and Paris was illustrated in a decision by the Italian culture minister to overturn an earlier refusal to lend France works by Leonardo da Vinci for an exhibition marking his death 500 years ago, while France will send paintings by Raphael for a similar exhibition next year in Italy.   

Retired French doctor is unwitting owner of 'lost' da Vinci drawing

Drawing valued at €15m was unveiled in Paris after the doctor brought the lost work to auction house amongst a jumble of unknown sketches.

Mona Lisa 'hiding earlier portrait'

A French scientist claims that years of high-tech study of Leonardo da Vinci's celebrated portrait has revealed another below it of a different sitter.

French museums set to loan 300 masterpieces to Louvre Abu Dhabi

Works by Leonardo da Vinci and Claude Monet will be among those on display at €500m new art museum due to open in December 2015.