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Thousands pay tribute to lifeboat crew who died in storm rescue mission

An estimated 15,000 people turned out to take part on Monday in a tribute to three crew members of a French lifeboat, all volunteer rescuers, who died at the weekend after their boat overturned in heavy seas as they attempted to rescue a fisherman off the Atlantic coastal port of Sables-d’Olonne in ferocious storm conditions.

St.Tropez lifeboat station slams rich loafers denying it funds

An appeal by St. Tropez lifeboat staff for contributions to replace their ageing vessel has fallen on deaf ears among the rich owners of luxury yachts in the fashionable French Riviera port, prompting the station's head to angrily comment that, 'Its great to shower  young ladies with a bottle of 50,000-euro Cristal champagne, but they could be a more restrained and help us a little more'.