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France in 1984 bomb plot to test UK security

British police found explosives stashed in the grounds of French ambassador's residence ahead of visit by president François Mitterrand.

Arms deals fixer Ziad Takieddine refused UK entry and returned to France

Businessman, who is banned by the French courts from leaving France, may also have tried to take flight to Middle East before Christmas.

French oil giant Total moves financial HQ to London

Confirming Mediapart's exclusive report published earlier Monday, French oil group Total said it will move its treasury department to London.

New school to open in London as rich French flee tax rises back home

New institution in Wembley to be modelled on the oversubscribed £10,000-a-year Lycée Francais Charles de Gaulle in South Kensington.

Nicolas Sarkozy's plan to launch a 1 bln-euro private equity fund

Nicolas Sarkozy on conference tour in New York, October 2012. © Reuters Nicolas Sarkozy on conference tour in New York, October 2012. © Reuters

Nicolas Sarkozy is secretly attempting to set up a 1 billion-euro private equity fund, with plans for it to be based in London, and has begun prospecting wealthy individuals and institutions to back the scheme, financial and business sources have told Mediapart. According to concordant sources, the former French President (pictured) has made discreet contact with potential backers based in France, the Middle East and South-East Asia. Laurent Mauduit reports.

Jean-Michel Jarre denies tax dodge in London business move

The pop star, ex-husband of Charlotte Rampling, says plans for a music academy in London is not to escape taxes in France, where he continues to live.

France’s Paralympians angered by TV snubbing

Athletes lament the lack of coverage their exploits will receive back at home - some argue it reflects the status of France's disabled population.

French bankers lured by Cameron's 'red carpet'

A new 75 percent tax rate on top earners has French groups looking for shelter in London, already home to some 30,000 French financial professionals.

Why François Hollande hopes David Cameron won't roll out the red carpet

France's President Normal is due to meet the 'chillaxing' British prime minister in London, but there are plenty of tensions in the relationship.

London, France's sixth biggest city

More French people live in London than in Bordeaux or Strasbourg and it is now thought to be France's sixth biggest city in terms of population.

The case of the arms dealer, Gaddafi's nephew and the beaten-up London escort girls

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France-based businessman and arms dealer Ziad Takieddine is a key witness in an ongoing French judicial probe into suspected illegal party financing through commissions paid in a major French weapons sale to Pakistan. In a series of investigations that began in July, Mediapart has revealed the very close and longstanding links between Takieddine and the inner circle of advisors and aides surrounding Nicolas Sarkozy - before and after he became French president - and for whose office he served as a secret diplomatic and commercial emissary. Here, Fabrice Arfi and Karl Laske reveal how Takieddine, while negotiating a rapprochement between France and Libya, served as a protector for Colonel Mumamar Gaddafi's nephew Mohammed al-Senussi (photo) after he was charged in London with causing ‘grievous bodily harm' to two escort girls.

The Riots Of Paris and London: A Tale Of Two Cities

The violence that has broken out in London and other British cities draws comparison with the urban riots that erupted across France in 2005.