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Police hear second woman accuser in Luc Besson sex assault case

By , and Geoffrey Le Guilcher
French cinema film producer and director Luc Besson. © Reuters French cinema film producer and director Luc Besson. © Reuters

A woman who formerly worked as a casting director for French filmmaker Luc Besson and who has accused him of sexually assaulting her on several occasions has been questioned by Paris police investigating allegations of sex crimes by the 59-year-old producer and director, Mediapart can reveal. The investigations were launched in May by the Paris prosecution services after Belgian-Dutch actress Sand Van Roy accused Besson of raping her in a Paris hotel, which he has firmly denied.  

French film director Luc Besson faces new claims of sexual violence

By , and Geoffrey Le Guilcher
Luc Besson. © Reuters Luc Besson. © Reuters

On July 6th, 2018, a former casting director wrote to the Paris public prosecutor claiming she had been 'sexually assaulted' by the acclaimed French film director and producer Luc Besson. This follows allegations of rape detailed in a formal complaint on May 18th by the actress Sand Van Roy against Besson, and a further complaint by Van Roy on July 6th. After an investigation lasting several months, Mediapart can reveal the stories of several women who describe sexually inappropriate behaviour by Besson, best known for blockbuster films such as 'Nikita', ‘The Big Blue’, 'Leon', ‘The Fifth Element’, and more recently 'Lucy', and who has vehemently denied all the allegations against him. Marine Turchi, Lénaig Bredoux and Geoffrey Le Guilcher report.

French film director Luc Besson denies rape claims

Lawyer for Besson, who directed, 'Le Grand Bleu', 'Leon', 'Subway', 'The Fifth Element' and 'Nikita', dismissed actress's allegations as 'fantasist'.

2016 a poor year for French cinema abroad

Figures show French-made films sold 34 million tickets abroad last year, a fall of 70 percent compared to 111.4 million in 2015, a bumper year.

French foreign minister's intriguing tax favour for film director Luc Besson

French foreign affairs minister Laurent Fabius. © Reuters French foreign affairs minister Laurent Fabius. © Reuters

An unauthorised biography of Luc Besson to be published in France on Wednesday recounts that the renowned French film director and producer was granted an extraordinary exemption from a multi-million-euro wealth tax payment when current French foreign minister Laurent Fabius was finance minister. The exemption, claims the book, was agreed after the intervention of Fabius, whose sister and nephew were employed by Besson. Fabrice Arfi reports.

Luc Besson 'forced' to film abroad because movie will not get French tax breaks

Film director reveals his big-budget movie 'Valerian' will not qualify for tax credits in France because it will be made in English.

Luc Besson's Lucy breaks French film foreign box office record

The thriller starring Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman has already been seen by more than 52 million people around the world.

Why French-made series are invading American TV

High-end English-language programming with French backers has quietly become de rigueur in Hollywood.

Luc Besson’s Cité du Cinéma probed by France’s audit court

Auditors criticised the public funding of the French film director's 170-million-euro private flagship film centre in Paris, dubbed 'Hollywood-sur-Seine'.