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France says 40 Islamists killed in recent Mali operations

Among those dead is Omar Ould Hamaha, known as 'Red Beard', a commander of armed groups who occupied northern Mali in 2012.

Jihadists return to northern Mali a year after French intervention

Concern as Islamist groups targeted by France's Operation Serval appear to be regaining footholds despite presence of 6,000 UN troops.

Militant Islamist website calls for attacks on France and Hollande

Website has launched a poster campaign called 'We will not be silent, O France' over French intervention in Mali and the Central Africa Republic.

France, Germany to send joint troops to Mali

Soldiers from the joint Franco-German military brigade are to operate in a support and training role for forces already in the West African state.

French forces kill 11 'suspected Islamist fighters' in Mali

One French soldier was wounded and a weapons cache seized in an operation in northern Mali that left at least 11 suspected Islamist fighters dead.

Terror group 'threatens France over Mali'

The Mourabitounes group, formed last August, says it will target the interests of 'France and her allies', according to a Mauritanian website.

Mali crisis: France announces big troop cuts

Defence minister Jean-Yves Le Drian says 60% of troops will be withdrawn over three months, leaving a force of 1,000 French soldiers.

French forces kill 19 Islamist fighters in north Mali

Deaths come amid new French military operation aimed at pockets of al Qaeda-linked fighters still holding out across the north of Mali.

Fugitive wanted for killing US diplomat recaptured by French troops in Mali

The Malian, who allegedly shot a US diplomat in Niger in 2000, had escaped jail while serving 20-year sentence for killing four Saudi tourists.

'I feel humiliated at having been deported from France – I did nothing wrong'


School students in France have resumed their protests over the deportation of Roma schoolgirl Léonarda who was arrested during a school trip. However, this controversial case was not an isolated incident. Under socialist president François Hollande the deportation of school students who have reached the age of majority and lack residence permits has occurred with greater frequency than under his right-wing predecessor Nicolas Sarkozy. Mediapart’s Michaël Hajdenberg gives the background to the deportations and then hears the moving story of a school pupil in France who was arrested this summer on his way to an exam and sent back to Mali five days later.

'Al-Qaeda killed' French reporters Dupont and Verlon in Mali

Group Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) says it killed the two French journalists on Saturday in response to France's 'new crusade'.

France will keep to Mali troop reduction calendar

Foreign minister Laurent Fabius says the killing of two French journalists in Kidal will not affect timetable of the withdrawal of French troops.

France condemns 'calculated' execution of journalists in Mali

French foreign minister said the two radio journalists were shot in a 'cold blooded' assasination, while it was also reported their throats were cut.

Two French journalists killed in Mali

The bodies of the Radio France International reporters were found hours after they interviewed a local political leader in Kidal, northern Mali.

France in renewed offensive against Jihadists in Mali

French military says it is engaged alongside Malian and UN forces in a "large-scale" operation to prevent a resurgence of "terrorist movements".