Two French soldiers killed in Mali in bombing of their armoured vehicle

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The two soldiers, taking part in France's Operation Barkhane in the West African country where it has deployed about 4,000 troops to contain jihadist groups operating in the region, died after their armoured vehicle ran over an explosive device near the town of Gao. 

Old habits die hard: Macron seeks end to traditional French approach to Africa

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On his first tour of Africa last week President Emmanuel Macron vowed to do away with France's old and discredited approach to the continent. Addressing 800 students in the Burkina Faso capital of Ouagadougou, the French head of state certainly struck a fresh tone, talked of new projects and themes and signalled the passing of an old generation. But as Mediapart's editor François Bonnet reports, the old and serious problems confronting France in its relations with Africa have not gone away.

French army says it killed 15 jihadists in Mali operation

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A French armly spokesman announced Thursday that a ground and air strike earlier in the week against an al-Qaeda-linked 'armed terrorist group' in northern Mali left 15 jihadists dead, while no French casualties were reported.

French and West African presidents launch Sahel armed force

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Move came as Emmanuel Macron vowed to 'eradicate' kidnappers of French citizen Sophie Pétronin, who has appeared in hostage video.

Macron in lightning visit to French troops in Mali

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In a visit lasting just a few hours, President Emmanuel Macron on Friday met some of the 4,000 French troops engaged in Mali to fight jihadist forces in the north and the wider Sahel region, pledge that France will continue to defend the West African country and to provide aide for its development.   

Was murder of two French journalists in Mali linked to unpaid ransoms?

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In November 2013 two journalists from French public broadcaster RFI, Ghislaine Dupont and Claude Verlon, were kidnapped and killed while on assignment in the north of Mali. The exact reasons why the pair were killed have never been clear. Now an investigation suggests the murders may have been a revenge attack after the jihadist kidnappers of four other French hostages had not received all the ransom reportedly paid to secure their release. Yann Philippin reports.

Democracy and jihadists top France-Africa summit agenda

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The talks between some 30 African states and France, which are being held in Mali's capital Bamako, will also cover the migrant crisis.

Mali sends back migrants deported by France

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Barring the two people from entry, the government in Bamako said it could not accept anyone who was 'simply assumed to be Malian'.

French aid worker kidnapped in Mali

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French and Malian troops are searching for Sophie Pétronin, who ran an NGO helping children suffering from malnutrition, who was kidnapped in the city of Gao in northern Mali on Christmas Eve.

French soldier killed in northern Mali

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His death brings total number of French military personnel killed in Mali since January 2013, when French operation there began, to 18.

Protests against French forces in Mali turn deadly

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Security forces fired warning shots as locals protested against arrests by French forces of people suspected of links to Islamist militants.

Toll of mine attack on French soldiers in Mali rises to three dead

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One soldier was killed instantly and two more have died from wounds sustained when their armoured vehicle set off a landmine in northern Mali.

French soldier killed, three others wounded, by landmine in Mali

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The French defence ministry said a convoy of vehicles was heading north from Gao when a mine exploded under the lead vehicle.

French soldier in Mali dies after 'terrorist' attack, says Hollande

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The soldier, a member of a parachute regiment, suffered the injuries in October in the north of Mali when a landmine blew up his vehicle.

Special forces storm besieged Mali luxury hotel

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French and US special forces helped Malian troops end siege in Bamako in which up to 27 people were killed.