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Protesters take to streets over French government's ‘familyphobia’

Demonstrators want guarantee that surrogacy and medically-assisted reproduction for lesbian couples will never be allowed in France.

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Anatomy of (another) retreat by the Hollande government

Last Friday a minister insisted that the government's bill on the family was going ahead as planned. Then on Sunday a pro-family march by right-wingers attracted around 100,000 protesters and was hailed a success. By Monday morning the government had announced it would oppose any controversial amendments to the new bill – and in the afternoon it declared it was dropping the entire measure for at least a year. Lénaïg Bredoux and Mathieu Magnaudeix report on a retreat by the government in the face of protests.

Tens of thousands march in Paris to back traditional family

Protesters accuse President Hollande's government of 'family phobia' over gay marriage, abortion and 'gender' lessons in French schools.