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French prime minister rejects calls for change of direction

Manuel Valls attacked those on left who made 'irresponsible propositions' and said policy of reducing tax burden on companies would work.

Little cheer for François Hollande as he celebrates his 60th birthday

With poll ratings dismally low and the prospect of more economic woes ahead, the French president kept a low-profile on his milestone day.

French PM attacks eurozone's policies and warns of deflation

Manuel Valls says the eurozone's economic policies are not effective, adding that there will be 'difficult' months ahead for Europe.

French MPs pass welfare cuts

Despite abstention of 33 MPs from ruling Socialist Party, government cuts payroll taxes as third major union boycotts social conference.

D-Day: Francois Hollande's plea to fight threats to peace

French president urges people to fight current threats to peace with 'same vision, the same courage' as those who took part in Normandy landings.

French government announces tax relief as euro election looms

Prime minister Manuel Valls says move will exempt 1.8 million households from income tax, with €1 billion cost funded by anti tax fraud measures.


French PM backs down to socialist rebels over low-income pensioners

Manuel Valls will save low-income pensioners from one-year freeze of benefits and pensions in his 50 billion-euro deficit reduction drive.

French PM's deficit-reduction plan meets with outcry within Socialist Party

Plans that include freezing all state pensions and welfare benefits for a year may be tweaked to ward off revolt by some of his party's MPs.

Does Valls’ upcoming Vatican trip violate French secularism?

French prime minister's decision to attend the canonisation of former popes John XXIII and John Paul II has caused concerns among some MPs.

Hollande's special advisor quits after Mediapart revelations over 'conflict of interest'

Aquilino Morelle quittant l'Elysée. © (dr) Aquilino Morelle quittant l'Elysée. © (dr)

President François Hollande's special advisor Aquilino Morelle dramatically quit his job on Friday after Mediapart published revelations about his conflict of interest while working as a government inspector. Morelle, a friend of current French Prime Minister Manuel Valls, carried out private consultancy work for a pharmaceutical company while working for France's public service inspectorate, the Inspection générale des affaires sociales (IGAS). Though Morelle insisted the work had been correctly declared at the time, both his former boss and IGAS itself say he was never given authorisation. The departure of a key figure from the presidential Elysée Palace over claims of an undeclared conflict of interest will be a major embarrassment for President Hollande who, during his 2012 election campaign, promised an “exemplary Republic” under his leadership. Michaël Hajdenberg reports.

France set to freeze welfare payments

Spelling out measures which angered sections of his own party, new prime minister Manuel Valls said: 'We cannot live beyond our means.'

France backtracks in battle over EU deficit target

Prime minister Manuel Valls pledges France will stick to 2015 target despite earlier suggestions from president that it would ask for more leeway.

Why being gay, a woman or from an immigrant background is still bad for your career in modern France


Discrimination is alive and kicking in France, according to a study by the state's official statistical agency INSEE. Whether it involves education, career progression, pay or getting access to housing, there are obstacles and hurdles at all levels of society for disabled, women and gay people as well as those from immigrant backgrounds. Nor does having good qualifications always make the situation better - indeed, in some cases the inequality gets worse higher up the workplace ladder. As Carine Fouteau reports, the study suggests there is a real need for more concrete action despite the pledges and fine words from President Hollande and his government.

France's Hollande approval at record low, prime minister far ahead

Just 18 percent are satisfied with French president's performance, while new premier Manuel Valls has an approval rating of 58 percent, says poll.

France names Pellerin to crucial trade post

Head of Socialist Party Harlem Désir is made junior minister for Europe as President Hollande and new PM Manuel Valls complete reshuffle.