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France's Valls wins parliament backing for tax and spend shake-up

Premier Manuel Valls says Euro is too strong, unveils tax cuts for less well-off and pledges to defend France's social model despite spending cuts.

'Spaniards at peak of French power'

The ascensions of French PM Manuel Valls and newly elected Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo, both Spanish-born, are celebrated in the Spanish media.

New French government sees return of Ségolène Royal, the exit of Moscovici, and an olive branch for the Left

Manuel Valls, appointed as French prime minister on Monday after the ruling Socialist Party suffered major losses in local elections last weekend, has revealed his new cabinet of 16 ministers, composed of an equal number of men and women. Beyond what is largely a reshuffle, there are two new faces: that of Ségolène Royal, the Socialist Party’s unsuccessful candidate in the 2007 presidential elections and who is also President François Hollande’s former partner, and François Rebsamen, a Senator and Mayor of Dijon and close friend of the president. Former finance minister Pierre Moscovici and education minister Vincent Peillon have not been included in the new government. After days of speculation, former justice minister Christiane Taubira was reappointed to the post despite past differences with Valls when he served as interior minister under the previous government of Jean-Marc Ayrault. Here, Mediapart reports on the winners and losers of the cabinet change and the power games and negotiations that preceded it.

Valls and Ayrault complete handing-over ceremony

Newly-appointed French PM Manuel Valls paid tribute to the outgoing Jean-Marc Ayrault during the ceremony on Tuesday afternoon.

In-fighting and manoeuvring: the story behind the appointment of new French Prime Minister Manuel Valls

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Former interior minister Manuel Valls officially took up office as France’s new prime minister on Tuesday in a handing over ceremony with the outgoing Jean-Marc Ayrault. The composition of the new government will be announced on Wednesday. President François Hollande’s nomination of Valls on Monday followed the Socialist Party’s historic debacle in local elections last weekend, but the move has met with mixed reaction among the ruling majority, divided into pro- and anti-Valls camps. Lénaïg Bredoux reports on the behind-the-scenes manoeuvring that preceded his appointment, and hears from insiders on how, over several months, worsening relations between Ayrault and Hollande reached a point of no return.

Manuel Valls: profile

France's new PM is the Barcelona-born son of a Catalan artist who obtained French nationality at the age of 20.

Manuel Valls appointed new French prime minister

Valls, 51, is the Socialists’ hardliner on immigration and security and has held controversial stances while serving as interior minister.

French PM Ayrault resigns, interior minister Valls expected to succeed him

After the ruling socialists' debacle in local elections, Jean-Marc Ayrault resigned Monday ahead of President Hollande's evening TV address.

Protest against new airport for west of France turns violent

Six riot police officers were injured trying to disperse protesters who lobbed projectiles and threw paint onto Nantes' city hall.

Anatomy of (another) retreat by the Hollande government

Last Friday a minister insisted that the government's bill on the family was going ahead as planned. Then on Sunday a pro-family march by right-wingers attracted around 100,000 protesters and was hailed a success. By Monday morning the government had announced it would oppose any controversial amendments to the new bill – and in the afternoon it declared it was dropping the entire measure for at least a year. Lénaïg Bredoux and Mathieu Magnaudeix report on a retreat by the government in the face of protests.

French comedian drops show deemed anti-Semitic

After France's top court upholds bans on his tour, Dieudonné says new show about Africa will not contain language that courts objected to.

France to pursue divisive comic Dieudonné online

After ban on shows, interior minister says law 'must be able to act' against the online publication of what he calls 'racist and anti-Semitic speech'.

Why we unite against anti-Semitic comedian Dieudonné - but don't want to ban him


The French interior minister Manuel Valls has sent out tough new instructions to regional prefects encouraging them to ban shows in the imminent nation-wide tour by controversial comedian Dieudonné who stands accused of virulent anti-Semitism. The French president François Hollande has joined the debate, urging the prefects to be 'vigilant and inflexible' in the way they treat the comic. Some have now banned shows in their areas. Mediapart has been warning of Dieudonné's obsessive anti-Semitism for five years. But, as editor-in-chief Edwy Plenel here argues, banning the comedian's shows runs the risks of the socialist government falling into the age-old trap of democracies who undermine their own fundamental freedoms in the name of law and order. This politics of fear, he says, which uses the threat of chaos to undermine democracy, belongs to governments of the Right.

Dieudonne: Hollande backs Nantes and Tours bans

French president calls on prefects to be 'vigilant and inflexible' faced with breaches of 'republican principles' as comedian's shows get banned.

France moves to ban controversial comic

Bordeaux is first city to ban planned show by comedian Dieudonné after interior minister issues tough new guidelines to regional officials.