Manuel Valls

French citizenship to become more accessible

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Government to ease language skills requirements and streamline paperwork for granting citizenship to reverse fall in number of naturalisations.

French government pledges more police for crime-battered Marseille

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Prime minister Jean-Marc Ayrault announced plans during a crisis visit triggered by another gangland killing linked to the city‘s drug trade.

French interior minister's immigration comments spark outrage

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Manuel Valls is once again at the centre of controversy after calling France's immigration policy and its relationship to Islam into question.

French interior minister keeps talking tough after spat with government colleague


Manuel Valls has once again attracted headlines as he continues to cultivate his strongman image at the head of France's interior ministry, which is responsible for law and order and security. Last week a leaked letter showed that Valls was even prepared to go behind the back of his colleague, justice minister Christiane Taubira, by appealing directly to President François Hollande to modify her criminal justice reforms. But, as Louise Fessard reports, the interior minister is using some misleading data in order to promote his agenda.

French police arrest six ETA suspects

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Interior minister Manuel Valls said five of the six suspected members of the Basque separatist group arrested were on the 'most wanted' list.

Will France introduce yet another law on the veil?


There was an outcry in France when an appeal court sided with a woman who was fired by a private crèche for wearing a headscarf at work. Interior minister Manuel Valls says he now favours a new law to extend the ban on wearing religious symbols, while opponents argue that new measures simply risk stigmatising French Muslims still further. As Carine Fouteau reports, it looks as if the government has come on the side of the interior minister and is preparing new legislation.

Critics say President Hollande tried to influence judiciary in Trierweiler defamation case

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French president writes letter to court as trial begins in defamation case brought by his partner over a salacious biography.

Corsica holiday home bombings 'a kind of racism', says French interior minister

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Manuel Valls says bombings of holiday homes on Corsica on Friday was 'a kind of racism', implicitly implicating nationalists over the attacks.

Government sends mixed messages over bloody battle for new airport


Prime minister Jean-Marc Ayrault has sought to calm the major controversy surrounding plans for a new airport near his home city of Nantes by calling for “dialogue”. But at the same time the forces of law and order led a major operation against protesters at the planned airport site, leaving up to 100 people injured. Jade Lindgaard charts the latest developments in a bitter saga that is proving damaging both to the government's relations with its green allies and its reputation on environment issues.

French MPs clash over Manuel Valls terrorism claim

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Socialist interior minister sparks row after accusing his conservative predecessors of bringing back terrorism after a reported surge in crime.

More of French PM’s interview with Mediapart: the TSCG, making EU more democratic, cabinet splits and Muslim anger

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In this second and final part of his exclusive interview with Mediapart, French Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault answers the suggestion that he is railroading the democratic process with the adoption of the European Treaty on Stability, Cooperation and Governance (TSCG), sets out his position on the widespread use of tax havens by big banks and corporations, and for greater representation of national parliaments in EU decision-making. He also answers questions on recent domestic issues, including his government's decision to ban demonstrations in protest at the publication by a French magazine of cartoon caricatures of Prophet Mohammed, and the calling to book of his interior minister over his out-of-step comments on racial profiling and the right to vote of of non-EU nationals.

Roma evictions: more than 2,000 removed from camps this summer


In terms of figures, if not official rhetoric, the current government’s track record for dismantling Roma camps in France already matches that of the previous administration. According to headcounts collected by Mediapart, more than two thousand people were evicted in July and August 2012. A number of them were put on two charter flights back to Romania. Despite that, as Carine Fouteau reports, some activists insist the current situation cannot be compared to the Sarkozy era.

French interior minister jostled in Amiens visit

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French interior minister Manuel Valls is jostled by crowd of youths as he visits Amiens where rioting left 17 police officers injurred, one seriously.