Manuel Valls

French PM vows no change to labour law reforms despite strikes

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Manuel Valls said French are 'too used to feeling that reform is impossible and it’s enough to contest it in the street for reform not to happen'.

France labour dispute: wave of strike action nationwide

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Oil refineries, nuclear power plants and transport hubs were hit, motorways and bridges were blocked and protesters clashed with police.

The anger and doubts fuelling France's oil refinery protests

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Many oil refinery workers, rail workers and aviation staff are on strike or set to go out on strike as France suffers fuel shortages and a power struggle between the government and those opposed to controversial labour law reforms. Union activists have criticised the “extremely violent” actions of the state in removing the blockade at the Fos-sur-Mer oil refinery in the south of France. But despite the growing impact of their industrial action, union militants admit that they will not continue the action on their own indefinitely without the help of workers in other sectors. Mathilde Goanec reports.

French police clear strikers from refinery amid labour reform standoff

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Prime minister Valls warned other pickets would be dealt with 'extremely firmly' while union boss said they would 'see this through to the finish'.

Netanyahu rejects peace conference idea as French PM visits Israel

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Israeli PM suggested to Manuel Valls a 'different' French initiative of face-to-face talks with Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas in Paris.

France can cope with oil refinery blockades says prime minister

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Manuel Valls insists situation is 'fully under control' as union protests at oil refineries leave hundreds of French petrols stations without fuel.

Missing EgyptAir flight 'crashed off Greek island'

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Sea search starts as Greek aviation source says plane flying from Paris to Cairo crashed around 130 nautical miles off the island of Karpathos.

The French government’s intolerable snub to democracy

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Democracy belongs to neither the Left nor the Right, and when it is flouted by governments of either political side every democrat worthy of the name must simply say “no”, argues Mediapart editor-in-chief Edwy Plenel following the socialist government’s decision to force through parliament, without a vote, its controversial labour law reforms which, he writes in this op-ed, represent a social regression for every employee in France.

French economy minister Macron to bid for presidency

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French economy minister Emmanuel Macron is to announce he will make a bid as an independent candidate for the French presidency in elections due in 2017, Mediapart has been told by well-informed sources. Macron, 38, who launched his own political movement last month, is reported to be actively seeking funds for his campaign. The move, which Mediapart understands may be announced in early June, could well be the final blow for President François Hollande’s own ambitions for a second term in office and has heightened tensions between Macron and Prime Minister Manuel Valls. Laurent Mauduit reports.

French ministers condemn violence during labour law protests

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Premier Manuel Valls says 'irresponsible minority' will be 'brought to justice' after 24 police officers were injured and 124 people arrested.

France to extend state of emergency to Euro 2016 soccer tournament

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Prime minister Manuel Valls said it was necessary to extend emergency powers for two months as France prepares to host football tournament.

French PM red-faced over wife’s orchestral ties to African autocrat

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Orchestra led by Manuel Valls's violinist wife Anne Gravoin said to have links to string of murky figures, including convicted tax fraudster.

French prime minister calls for tighter border security

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Manuel Valls urged extra vigilance to stop people entering Europe on false passports as IS has 'stolen a large number of passports in Syria'.

French PM says 600-plus people have left France for Syria or Iraq

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Figures show little let-up in numbers joining Islamic State despite bombing of IS strongholds and crackdown by authorities within France.

France opts for big over small with its labour reforms

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Amid reform retreat, ministers have fought hard to keep measures that affect big companies - while sacrificing those affecting smaller firms.