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France's economy minister vows to push through reforms

Emmanuel Macron said government ready to override parliament again after forcing through package of business-friendly laws without a vote.

French PM condemns MPs for meeting Syria's Assad

Manuel Valls said it was an 'ethical' mistake for three French MPs to meet Syrian leader whom the prime minister described as a 'butcher'.

Hollande, Valls slip back in opinion poll ratings

Approval ratings for the French president slipped to 24%, and 46% for his prime minister, denting their sharp rise after the Paris terror attacks.

French government survives no-confidence vote in parliament

The no-confidence motion was triggered by the socialist government's use of a decree to force through pro-business reforms after a leftist revolt.

Attacks boost Hollande's ratings - but for how long?

An analysis of the French president's recent surge in popularity and the likelihood of whether it will last ahead of a key press conference.

French PM unveils long-term plan to beef up security forces

Following Paris terror attacks, Manuel Valls said almost 2,700 jobs would be created in a plan to cost 425 million euros over the next three years.

After Paris terror attacks, French PM denounces a social and ethnic 'apartheid'

Manuel Valls prompted controversy with his comment on 'evils' that had created 'a territorial, social, ethnic apartheid across our country'.

French PM pledges 'implacable response' to terror threat

Addressing French parliament on Tuesday, Manuel Valls warned 'very serious risks remain', as hunt for accomplices to terror attacks continued.

After the mass marches in France – what comes next?


More than three-and-a-half million people took to the streets of France on Sunday. They were the biggest demonstrations seen in the country since the World War II liberation of France in 1944. Those who marched did so with a variety of different hopes but with one single demand: to raise the level of public debate in this country. It is now down to the government to pick up the theme, argues Mediapart's editor François Bonnet, even if, since his election in 2012, President François Hollande, and also his prime minister Manuel Valls, have shown themselves to be deaf to the idea.

France bids to show reform drive with deregulation bill

Wide-ranging bill aims to let shops open more often on Sundays, resolve disputes over firings more rapidly and deregulate legal profession.

French government wants more Sunday shopping

Under new proposals councils would be allowed to grant trading licences on 12 Sundays a year, compared to the current five.

Bitter background to tragic death of young French eco-protester

The death of 21-year-old botany student Rémi Fraisse following clashes between gendarmes and opponents of a dam project in south-west France has led to major political fallout, as well as being a personal tragedy. President François Hollande's government has been accused of being too slow to react to the tragic events, and then of siding too much and too quickly with the security forces and of having ignored warnings about “violent” policing at the protest site. Ministers have meanwhile accused green politicians of seeking to make political capital out of the death and of prejudging the outcome of judicial investigations. The under-pressure interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve has now stopped the use of so-called 'offensive' grenades of the type believed to have caused the death of Rémi Fraisse, while the building of the dam itself has been suspended. Louise Fessard, Jade Lindgaard, Nicolas Bérard and Mathieu Magnaudeix examine the repercussions of the tragedy and look at the background to what the lawyer for the victim's family has described as an “unprecedented state scandal”.

France hits back at French bashers with Nobel wins

After Nobel award for French writer and then economist, prime minister rounds on critics saying it is 'one in the eye' for country's detractors.

French government at odds with itself over urgency of jobless benefits reform

Finance minister and president say changes can wait until 2016 but economy minister and prime minister say they want action 'in short term'.

France considers tightening controls on job-seekers

Prime minister's call for reform provoked union outcry while survey shows up to 20 percent of job seekers are not actively seeking work.