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Tricolour map of France hints at who will escape virus lockdown first

The green, orange and red map of France essentially cuts the country in three, showing which areas are ready for the relaxation of lockdown on May 11th - and which are not.

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Foodies cry foul over Whole Foods unholy mix-up of French cheeses

US food store chain Whole Foods Market has been widely mocked, not least by French media, after a map display to accompany its promotion of French cheeses situates Normandy's Camembert in the south of France, Basque cheese in the Loire Valley and Burgundy's smelly Epoisse as coming from the Alps.

Cartographers digitise 18th-century master map of France

A Paris-based team has digitised the 180 plates of César-François Cassini de Thury's map to track how roads evolve and influence urbanisation.

Romanian foreign minister voices regret over France-Germany map mistake

Bogdan Aurescu apologised after handing his German counterpart a commemorative booklet with a map of France covered in the German flag.

France redraws regional boundaries in great map revolution

The number of French regions is to be cut from 22 to 14 in a reform that looks set to attract strong opposition on both the Left and Right.

Map records the facts of Jewish children lost to German extermination camps

An online interactive map is available to chart the location of every child deported from France between July 1942 and August 1944.