Anti far-right rally organisers claim 150,000 turnout across France

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Organisors of a march 'for freedoms and against the far-right' held in cities across France on Saturday claimed a total  of 150,000 people turned out, answering a call from 110 orgnaisations, from leftwing parties to NGOs, to join a 'historic' rally. 

'France's shame': thousands protest against gender violence

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More than 100 women in France have been killed by a current or former partner this year.

Hundreds in silent march in memory of missing French nine-year-old

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An estimated 800 people on Wednesday joined a march through the village of Pont-de-Beauvoisin in south-east France in hommage to Maëlys de Araujo exactly four months since she vanished from a local wedding reception, while a man suspected of her killing and that in April of a soldier continues to deny his involvement.

Thousands take to the streets of France against harassment

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Police say around 2,500 mostly demonstrators gathered at place de la République, some waving placards bearing the '#Metoo' hashtag.

France labour dispute: now ban on Paris protest is 'lifted'

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CGT union boss said authorities' U-turn on march was a 'victory for democracy' and urged workers to turn out in 'massive' numbers on Thursday.

Thousands join Calais march in tribute to murdered girl

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A Polish national with a record of violent crime has confessed to abducting and strangling the nine-year-old on April 15th.

French medics demonstrate against reform in biggest protest in decades

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The Paris march was against a bill of law by which doctors consultation fees are paid in arrears by health fund, instead of upfront by patients.

Paris attacks: President Hollande to hold security meeting

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Meeting follows Sunday's massive marches but also comes amid questions over how militants known to authorities were able to launch deadly raids.

France attacks: world leaders to join crowds at Paris march

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The emotional march, which is expected to attract more than a million people, will be led by relatives of the victims of last week's attacks.

Parisians enjoy sun and record spring temperatures

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Temperatures in the French capital reached 21.6 degrees Celsius, beating the 1880 record of 20.7 degrees Celsius, according to Meteo France.

Thousands join Saturday anti-racism march through Paris

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The march, mirrored by smaller protests nationwide, follows recent racist outrages, including crude attacks on France's black justice minister.

French unemployment reaches record high

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The number of registered job seekers in March rose to more than 3.224 million, the worst level since records began in January 1996.

French ArcelorMittal workers' steely determination to block plant closure

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With just two weeks to go before the first round of the French presidential elections, growing anger over the uncertain fate of one of the last major steel-making plants in France has returned the issues of de-industrialization, globalization and the social responsibility of corporations to the fore of the political agenda. Exhausted but triumphant, a group of workers from the ArcelorMittal steel mill in Florange, north-east France, finally reached Paris on Friday amid public cheers and a battery of TV cameras after a marathon ten-day, 330-kilometre march in protest at the feared closure of part of their plant. Mathieu Magnaudeix was there to follow the men, now known across France as ‘the ArcelorMittals’, who have become the heroes of a decimated industrial heartland.