Keyword: March 22nd

French recorded Covid-19 deaths rise on Sunday to 674

Official French figures released on Sunday evening indicated deaths so far in the country from Covid-19 coronavirus infection had risen to a total of 674, up by 112 since Saturday, while there were 16,018 cases of people tested positive for the virus.

Massive public sector strike in France on Thursday

Unions have called an across-the-board strike by public sector employees on Thursday against President Emmanuel Macron's economic reform programme, in a key test of strength that is likely to severely affect transport, education, hospital and administrative services in particular.  

Railworkers to join mass French public sector worker protests in March

A planned day of strike  action on March 22nd by public sector workers in protest at President Emmanuel Macron's plans to cut 120,000 jobs from the public payroll during his term in office will be joined by railworkers, one of the biggest trades unions, the CGT, announced on Friday.