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Catholic Church sex abuse scandal: the French government's double standards over 'separatism'

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For months the French government has continually raised concerns about what it sees as the dangers of “Islamic separatism” in the country and has brought in legislation to tackle it. Yet when in the wake of a major report on child sex abuse in the French Catholic Church a senior bishop suggested that the secrets of the confessional were stronger than the “Republic's laws” there was at first a deafening silence from government ministers. This reluctance to comment came on top of the government's clear embarrassment at the publication of the sex abuse report itself, a document which produced shocking figures on the extent of the scandal in the church. Ellen Salvi reports.

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France grants citizenship to 12,000 Covid frontline workers

The fast-track scheme announced by minister Marlène Schiappa is aimed at those whose jobs put them at risk in the pandemic.

How the notion of France's long-cherished 'Republic' has been hijacked

 © Mediapart © Mediapart

The word 'Republican' has a hugely positive place in the French collective memory. But recently the concept has come to be used – and abused - as a form of political shorthand to tell people to obey the rules. Mediapart's Fabien Escalona talks to French academics about the shifting meaning of the concept and how it is now cited more to protect existing privileges rather than to extend safeguards and rights to new groups.

France to put domestic abuse victims in hotels after jump in numbers

Gender equality minister Marlène Schiappa also said about 20 centres would open in stores around the country so women could drop in for help while getting groceries.

How French justice is failing victims of domestic violence

By Sophie Boutboul
A Paris demonstration by feminist groups to draw attention to domestic violence, June 20th 2019. © Pierre Michel Jean A Paris demonstration by feminist groups to draw attention to domestic violence, June 20th 2019. © Pierre Michel Jean

According to the French interior ministry, 121 women died in 2018 in incidents of domestic violence. Already this year, 92 women in France have been murdered at the hands of their husbands, former spouses or companions, according to records compiled by a French feminist association, while women’s support groups denounce inadequate legal protection afforded to domestic violence victims. Sophie Boutboul reports on the emblematic case of a mother-of-two, separated from her former partner against whom she has filed a complaint for violence, and who says she fears so much that she has moved house three times in two years. Despite her detailed complaints, a previous protection order was lifted by a judge last month, along with the secrecy of her home address.      

Protests in Paris over violence against women in France

Data collected by women's advocacy group show 74 women have so far been killed this year by their husband or partner in France.

France harassment law hands out 447 fines in first months

The 'outrages sexistes' law was passed in August 2018, and allows for on-the-spot fines of up to €750.

Outspoken French gender equality minister in New Yorker interview

Amid the controversy of sex assault allegations against two of her fellow members of government, French gender equality minister Marlène Schiappa tells The New Yorker why she could not remain in a government with a minister placed under investigation for rape, and why she is determined to see through proposed legislation that makes pressing sexual advances in a public place an offence.

Weinstein scandal sparks 'turning point' in France over sexual harassment

Minister Marlene Schiappa says scandal has led women to denounce harassment at work and in public places, not just in the corridors of power. 

France may ban wolf whistling as it tries to tackle sexual harassment

Suggested laws would also stop men repeatedly asking for their numbers but lawyers fear the offences could be difficult to prove legally.

France plans legalising assisted reproduction for gay women

French gender equality minister Marlène Schiappa said a bill of law establishing the right for lesbian couples and single women to have access to artificial insemination in France will be put before parliament next year.