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French anger over 'Nazi style’ badges for homeless

Marseille forced to scrap a system of yellow triangles intended to help homeless people after it was accused of employing Nazi-style tactics.

Dirty old town - the illuminating story of Marseille's dustmen


Rubbish collection in Marseille has always been inseparable from local democracy, clientelism and political self-interest, argue the authors of a fascinating book on the history of dustmen in France's biggest Mediterranean city. The writers, one of whom was himself a Marseille dustman for 23 years, reveal how from the 19th century onwards the city has had its own unique way of organising refuse collection, one intimately linked to the power of trade unions and the desire of local politicians to have the backing of the municipal workforce. They also show how Marseille's reputation as not being the cleanest of French cities can trace its roots back to Roman times. Louise Fessard outlines the authors' key themes, followed by extracts from the book itself.

French football rocked by Marseille bung probe and match-fixing arrests

A total of 13 people, including the presidents of Marseille and Caen football clubs, were arrested Tuesday in separate corruption probes.

Europe's salvation 'came from the south' says Hollande at southern D-Day anniversary

French president also praised role of African troops whose sacrifice 'bound our country to Africa with a bond of blood that no one can undo'.

French president leads 'southern D-Day' tributes, 70 years on

A total of 28 nations took part in Operation Dragoon on the beaches near Marseille on August 15, 1944, with a total force of 450,000 men.

How Marseille scored an own goal in PPP deal to refurbish the Stade Vélodrome


A fierce and colourful dispute between l’Olympique de Marseille, one of France’s most celebrated football clubs, and Marseille’s city council was ended last week after both sides agreed a new deal on the rent the club should pay for the use of its iconic home ground, the Stade Vélodrome. The cost of the club’s rental of the stadium, owned by the city, was increased five-fold to compensate the steep financial terms of its renovation under a public-private partnership (PPP) deal. But, as Thomas Saint-Cricq reports, the agreement threatens to become a financial disaster for Marseille’s taxpayers and highlights the incompetence of cash-strapped local authorities to negotiate PPPs – all to the benefit of their private 'partners'.

Boycotts blight annual French boules championships

Team pulls out of world championship in Marseille after claiming to have received death threats from rivals who promised to 'rip off their heads'.

France arrests four over suspected Syria jihadist ring

The four were detained in Marseille over allegations that they have been helping to recruit volunteers for radical Islamist networks in Syria.

Football, more than just a game in Marseille


Primark launches first French store

The discount clothes retailer opens a store in Marseille amid what it called a 'huge expansion opportunity' that will see three more open near Paris.

Ryanair hit for 9 mn euros by French court

Judges rule that airline had illegally given French-based staff Irish contracts in order to save money on payroll and other taxes.

Marseille gang killings give Far Right an election springboard

Gangland killings in broad daylight on the streets of Marseille have handed the National Front party a platform to launch its far-right agenda.

Marseille's lurid tit-for-tat killings – the real story


The reprisal murders that take place in Marseille regularly make the headlines and have helped fuel the idea that crime in France's major Mediterranean port city is spiralling out of control. However, as Louise Fessard reports, the crime statistics and other research tell a different story.

French Greens realise that glass half empty is better than no glass at all


The green alliance Europe Écologie-Les Verts, which has two ministers in the French government, ended its annual summer gathering this weekend in better spirits than many had predicted. Some green-tinged policy announcements and victory over one of their government 'enemies' seem to have ensured their participation in President Hollande's socialist administration for some time to come. But in reality the Greens' 'successes' were little more than avoiding defeats. Stéphane Alliès explains.

French government pledges more police for crime-battered Marseille

Prime minister Jean-Marc Ayrault announced plans during a crisis visit triggered by another gangland killing linked to the city‘s drug trade.