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Marseille museum offers bridge across Mediterranean

Museum of Civilisations from Europe and the Mediterranean, opening 7 June, explores European and Mediterranean cultures past and present.

French police stumped over DNA sex attack link to twin brothers

Police have arrested 24 year-old twin brothers after DNA tests linked at least one of them to six sexual assaults in Marseille.

Time to scrap France's anti-crime squads?


France's police anti-crime squads were set up to help combat street crime. But have they themselves become part of the problem? Driven by a target-setting culture, coming into contact with large-scale drug trafficking, co-opting their own members and subject to only limited management oversight, they seem almost programmed to crash out of control. Even before the emergence of a recent anti-crime squad corruption scandal in Marseille involving drugs, the positive impact of these police units in France's run-down estates was far from clear. Louise Fessard reports.

Marseille hopes for image makeover with culture year

Plagued by a reputation for gang crime and lawlessness, France's port city wants its year as European Capital of Culture to change perceptions.

Notorious French millionaire Bernard Tapie risks it all, again

The businessman has bought one of the country’s most important regional press groups, raising suspicions over his political and business agenda.

Millionaires, billionaires, the Elysée Palace and the battle for Marseille


A curious bidding war between some of France's richest men over the ownership of loss-making daily newspapers in the south of France is nothing more than a preliminary move in a political chess game for power in Marseille, Mediapart has learned. As Laurent Mauduit reports, the cast of characters includes colourful businessman Bernard Tapie, billionaire François Pinault and President François Hollande himself, with various political interests pulling strings behind the scenes, in a tale of shifting alliances, old friendships and enmities.

France investigates Marseille anti-crime squad police

At least 12 members of 'anti-crime' sqaud arrested after claims that they stole drugs and cash from drug dealers and cigarettes from illicit sellers.

Roma rights groups plan international protests after Marseille mob torches camp

Rights groups supporting Roma migrants call for international protests after a mob of  Marseille residents torched one of their camps.

France vows response as Marseille hit by wave of shootings

Government rejects calls for the army to be sent in to crack down on drug dealers in Mediterranean port city, but promises a tough response.

Gang rob cargo plane unloading at Marseille airport

An armed gang attacked a cargo plane unloading at Marseille airport, driving a car through a perimeter fence, reports La Provence newspaper.

French police injured in burka ban arrest row

French police unions furious at no action taken after three officers were attacked while checking the identity of a woman flouting a burka ban.

Six die in Marseille care-home fire

Six women died and 13 other people were injured in a fire at a care-home for the elderly in the southern French city of Marseille.