Excavations to start in France after revelations of WWII massacre

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Excavations are to begin soon at a site recently revealed by a 98-year-old former fighter with the French Resistance movement, where he said he witnessed the executions of up to 40 German soldiers, in an apparent retaliation for their occupying army's massacre of French civilians days earlier.

Revealed: De Gaulle knew facts of 1961 Paris police massacre of Algerians but failed to punish perpetrators

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Documents unearthed by Mediapart in France’s national archives, and never before published, reveal that the true horrific extent of the covered-up massacre by police of Algerian demonstrators in Paris on the night of October 17th 1961 was very quickly made known to then president Charles de Gaulle and his advisors. They show that de Gaulle had instructed in writing that those who perpetrated the crimes be brought to justice. But in the end, no-one would ever be prosecuted over the slaughter, which historians have estimated claimed the lives of several hundred people, many of who drowned in the River Seine. Fabrice Arfi reports. 

Macron condemns 'crimes' against 1961 Algerian protests in Paris

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Macron told relatives and activists on the eve of the 60th anniversary of the bloodshed that "crimes" were committed on the night of 17 October, 1961, under the command of Paris police chief Maurice Papon.

The archivists who proved the 1961 Paris massacre of Algerians

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Philippe Grand, a former chief conservator at the Paris archives, was the first person to reveal evidence of the October 17, 1961 massacre of Algerians in the heart of Paris – one of the darkest chapters of postwar French history.

Death of fugitive Nazi SS soldier convicted for massacre in France

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Karl Muenter, who was sentenced to death in absentia by a French court for his role in the massacre by his SS division of 86 male civilians in the northern French village of Ascq during World War II, and who last year appeared on German television saying he had no regrets over the events and denied the deaths of six million people in the Holocaust, has died of natural causes in Germany at the age of 96.

Nice Bastille Day attack policing controversy erupts

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Nice municipal policewoman insists that national police attempted to doctor recdords over policing presence the night of Bastille Day massacre.

Did French police miss chance to warn Charlie Hebdo staff of attacks?

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Claim that threats from Chérif Kouachi - one of the two gunmen - outside magazine three months before shootings were not acted on.

Charlie Hebdo massacre victims laid to rest

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Five of the magazine's editorial team and a police officer, gunned down last week by Islamic extremists, were buried amid emotional scenes.

Charlie Hebdo attack: France police hunt accomplices

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Key figure being sought is Hayat Boumeddiene, partner of supermarket gunman Amedy Coulibaly, and who is described as 'armed and dangerous'.

The bitter background to the Charlie Hebdo massacre


The attack by gunmen on the offices of Charlie Hebdo on Wednesday came almost nine years after the French satirical magazine found itself at the centre of a fierce controversy for first reproducing in France the so-called ‘Prophet Muhammad caricatures’ originally published in a Danish newspaper. Charlie Hebdo has since continued to publish cartoons that mock Islamic fundamentalism, prompting the anger of a section of Muslims in France and abroad, and which led to a devastating firebomb attack on its offices in 2011. The magazine has regularly defended its position as that of a satirical publication that is equally irreverent towards the hypocrisies of all religions. Dan Israel traces the bitter background to Wednesday’s horrific outrage.

Court drops case against German over Oradour-sur-Glane WWII massacre

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Cologne court says not enough evidence to convict 89-year-old over 1944 murder of 642 men, women and children in French village.

TV channel FRANCE 24 breaks 'massacre' of school students in Mexico

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The rolling news channel reported evidence that more than 30 high school students were kidnapped by local police forces and drug cartels.

German man charged over WW2 Oradour massacre in France

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Charges against the 88-year-old man relate to Oradour-sur-Glane in central France where 642 people were murdered by SS troops in 1944.

German president to make historic visit to French WW2 massacre town

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Joachim Gauck will go to Oradour-sur-Glane where 642 people were massacred by Nazi soldiers in one of worst war-time atrocities in France.

'Culture clash' blocks Alps massacre investigation

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French prosecutor says clues into the shooting of al-Hilli family last September may be in data stored on US internet servers, but is denied access.