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France's 1968 uprising, 50 years on: 'It's harder for the youth today'

Fifty years on, the month of May is loaded with historic symbolism, which the government brushes aside and trade unions want to capitalise on.

Whiff of May '68 descends on France, but no revolution in sight

As student protests and sit-ins gather momentum, railway services are disrupted with rolling strike action, and unrest simmers among healthcare staff and the legal professions, the May 1968 revolt that paralysed France and caused General de Gaulle to flee to Ireland was, say some observers, very different because it was inspired by hope and not the ambient pessimism of 2018. 

France strikes leave fuel stations dry and pose threat to Euro 2016

President Hollande is forced to deny his country faces a ‘May revolution’, comparable to the students and workers’ revolt of May 1968.