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French mayor convicted of rape runs town from prison

More than two months after conviction, the former minister and conservative  mayor Georges Tron is still  governing his town of almost 30,000 people from his prison cell.

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Sex video forces Macron candidate for Paris mayor to step down

Benjamin Griveaux, 42, a former spokesman for the French government and a close ally of President Emmanuel Macron, who was running to become mayor of Paris in elections in March, announced on Friday that he had ended his bid after a lewd video of him, apparently addressed to a young woman, appeared on the internet.

Mathematician MP defies Macron to stand as Paris mayor candidate

With his long hair, bowties and ornate spider brooches, top mathematician Cédric Villani quickly became a popular politician as an MP in 2017.

French mayor 'run over' after row over illegal tipping

Mayor reportedly saw two men dumping rubble and asked them to reload it, but as they drove off he was struck by van and died of his injuries.

French mayor bans riot control guns from 'yellow vest' protest

Dany Kocher from Phalsbourg in eastern France issued the decree, citing UN demand for a probe into claims of police brutality as one reason.


Paris mayor plans to transform city centre into pedestrian zone

Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo, who faces a tough re-election campaign in 2020, has plans, if re-elected, to transform the four central Paris districts into largely pedestrian zones as part of a continuing programme to clean up the French capital's chronic air pollution.

Former French PM Valls mulls bid to become mayor of Barcelona

Former socialist prime minister of France, Manuel Valls, 55, has told Spanish media that he is mulling becoming a candidate in mayoral elections next year in Barcelona, where he was born, when he would run as representative of Spain's centre-right Ciudadanos party which is opposed to Catalan independence.  

French mayor bans 'burkinis' from beaches over ‘security’ fears

Mayor of popular resort of Cannes, David Lisnard, has issued order forbidding beachwear that doesn't respect 'good morals and secularism'.

Paris city council approves historic merger of central arrondissements

Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo's plan to regroup the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th city districts under one town hall will go to parliament for ultimate approval.

French mayor forced to double his pay against his will

Elected official who cut his own salary to keep down local costs is forced under new law to pay himself twice as much as he planned.

France's Front National 'waging culture war on artists'

Far-right mayor angers artists with plans to make them earn their subsidised rent by looking after primary school children for free.

Mayor of southern French town causes outrage over Muslim pupil count

Robert Ménard, elected on a far-right ticket, said 64.6% of town's schoolchildren were Muslims after an illegal poll of childrens' first names.

French village is selling house building plots for 1 euro a square metre

Normandy village with population of 388 is seeking to lure people to come and build new homes after exodus of young people seeking work.

Paris mayor to sue Fox News over 'Muslim no-go zones' claim

Anne Hidalgo said an interview with a so-called security expert who claimed parts of Paris were like Baghdad had "prejudiced" the city's image.

French mayor refuses to bury dead Roma baby

Right-wing mayor of Champlan near Paris provoked outrage for blocking burial of the baby, who will now be laid to rest in neighbouring town.