French mayors revolt over lowering flag for Queen Elizabeth

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Lowering the French flag for a monarch is an affront, say group of municipal leaders refusing to carry out President Macron's orders.

French mayors issue sickness ban in protest over healthcare access

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The nine mayors in the Sarthe département or county have banned falling ill, in a symbolic move to highlight the lack of local doctors.

France’s illegal dumping ‘scourge’

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Recent death of a French mayor has drawn attention to the illegal dumping of waste along roadsides, fields and forests across the country.

Macron derides section of poor at launch of national debates

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French President Emmanuel Macron held a marathon seven-hour conference with local mayors in Normandy on Tuesday, the start of a national consultation on policy issues follwing the rolling 'yellow vest' protests, but caused controversy with disparaging comments about some in economic difficulty.

The political risks for Hollande as French mayors protest against cuts

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Mayors from across France have staged demonstrations against reduced funding from central government. However, the right-wing mayor who is behind the protests oversaw similar cuts in 2011 when he was budget minister. Meanwhile President Hollande, who is overseeing the current funding squeeze, opposed such moves when he was in opposition. But as Hubert Huertas argues, while there's more than a whiff of hypocrisy about the protests, they could nonetheless be damaging to the socialist government and the head of state himself.

Tensions mount as French mayors prepare reception of refugees


In face of the massive arrivals of refugees in Europe, and notably the huge recent influx into Germany, France has agreed to accept an extra 24,000 asylum seekers over the next two years. The initial organisation of accommodating the refugees is to be mapped out at a meeting this weekend between the interior minister and French mayors who have volunteered to provide assistance. But, as Feriel Alouti and Michaël Hajdenberg report, the crisis highlights the already thoroughly inadequate previsions for asylum seekers, while tensions, fuelled by some mayors opposed to the scheme, are already brewing among some local populations.

French far-right mayors reinstate pork in school canteens

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The Front National party, which since last weekend controls 12 French town halls, says no 'religious requirements' on menus will be tolerated.

Hollande braces for pain as French begin local vote, far right set for gains

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Major gains possible for far-right National Front in elections for mayors across the country with president's poll ratings at record low.

White, ageing and male: the profile of a typical French mayor

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Paris is about to have its first woman mayor in the city's long history. But the certainty that either socialist Anne Hidalgo or right-wing candidate Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet will take the reins of the French capital after the two rounds of local elections that start this Sunday masks the fact that most French towns and cities will be run by a man whichever of the main parties wins the local vote. An examination of the mayoral election candidates by Mediapart has revealed that the great majority are male, white – and not very young. Lénaïg Bredoux and Ellen Salvi report on the slow progress made by the country's two major mainstream parties in making their politicians more representative of the populace.

French Constitutional Council orders all mayors to celebrate gay marriages

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Mayors and their deputies may no longer invoke freedom of conscience clause to refuse to perform same-sex marriages legalized last May.

'It's my last shot': French mayor on hunger strike to save town from bankruptcy

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In a desperate protest to save the public finances of his local administration, the mayor of Sevran, a town of 51,000 inhabitants situated just north-east of Paris, began a hunger strike this weekend outside the French parliament which he has vowed will only end when concrete reforms are made to ease the economic plight of France’s worst-off towns. In this interview with Renaud Ceccotti, he details his demands and explains how, after 11 years of battling with what he calls a "structural" financial shortfall, “we’ve reached the end.”