French minister presents 20bln-euro plan to ease inflation crisis

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French economy and finance minister Bruno Le Maire has announced a series of measures costing 20 billion euros which will target certain sections of the population to ease the growing cost-of-living crisis, as inflation in France rose to 6.5% in June. 

French government presents new measures against domestic violence

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French interior minister Gérald Darmanin has presented a series of new measures to tackle domestic violence, which last year led to the deaths of 125 people, mostly women, and was the reason for more than 400,000 police call-outs.

France makes Covid vaccines mandatory among health personnel

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In a televised address to the nation on Monday, French President Emmanuel Macron announced that all staff workers in medical facilities must be vaccinated by September or face losing pay, while 'health passes' proving double-jab vaccination will be needed from early August to enter shopping centres and other venues.

New anti-Covid measures in France ahead of likely third lockdown

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As of Sunday, people arriving in France from EU countries must produce a negative coronavirus PCR test obtained in the previous 72 hours, a measure already imposed on non-EU arrivals, while a growing number of experts advise that the high new rates of Covid-19 infections, hospitalisations and deaths registered in the country require a third lockdown on public movement.

France widens curfew measures as Covid-19 epidemic soars

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As the numbers of Covid-19 infections and hospitalisations soar in France, Prime Minister Jean Castex on Thursday announced  9pm-6am curfew measures, aleady in place in Paris and eight other cities to limit public socialising, will now include a vast swathe of the country, representing two thirds of the population.

Macron ramps up anti-virus measures in 'worst health crisis in century'

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In a televised speech to the nation on Thursday evening, French President Emmanuel Macron described the novel coronavirus outbreak as the "worst" health crisis the country has faced for 100 years and announced new measures to conatin the epidemic, notably an indefinite shutdown of all educational establishments from next Monday, while urging people aged over 70 to stay at home, but he stopped short of cancelling the nationwide municipal elections due to begin on Sunday. 

Macron announces environmental measures after shock UN report

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French President Emmanuel Macron has announced a series of environmental measures measures, including increasing the size of protected natural areas on land and at sea, limiting sales of arable land for construction projects and reaffirming France's goal of reducing the use of chemical pesticedes by 50% between now and 2025, after a meeting in Paris with experts who produced a UN report warning one million species in the world are on the brink of extinction.

France to create memorial for terrorism victims

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Speaking at a yearly gathering in tribute to victims of terrorism in France and French victims in other countries, President Emmanuel Macron announced the future creation of a memorial in their honour, together with a dedicated public body of support for all those affected by attacks, and promised increased financial support for relatives of victims of terrorism abroad.  

French president unveils plans to better protect women from violence

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French President Emmanuel Macron on Saturday proposed a series of measures intended to curb violence and sexual harassment against women, including extending the statute of limitations for sex crimes to 30 years, facilitating the reporting of rape, setting a minimum age below which sexual activity with a minor cannot be considered consenting and a plan that women may hail a bus anywhere at night in cities.

Paris air pollution hits 10-year peak

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The extreme levels of air pollution in the capital, exacerbated by many days of dry weather and little wind, have prompted a partial vehicle ban, free parking on public roads and free use of the city's public transport system.

Bold Paris anti-pollution plan clouded by social divisions


Every year in France, atmospheric pollution causes the deaths of an estimated 48,000 people and annually costs the country’s economy more than 100 billion euros. The authorities in Paris, where pollution has reached record peaks in recent years, this month introduced a programme to restrict access to the capital by most-polluting vehicles and incentives for inhabitants to give up ownership of cars. But, as Laurent Geslin reports, the plan has been attacked as discriminating for lower-income groups of the population amid wide disagreement between government, city authorities and political parties on how to tackle a growing health crisis.

French government to unveil urgent measures to ease livestock farming crisis

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The move due Wednesday follows mounting protests, including road blocks, by farmers decrying retailers' and food processors' profit margins.

French PM loosens 'hire and fire' rules for small businesses

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Manuel Valls announced easing of rules limiting roll-on temporary contracts, severance pay limit of six months, and tax breaks for those who hire.

EU may consider budget deficit extension for France

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France could get longer to reach its public finance goals, if the country makes the necessary reforms, says the EU's economic chief.

Nicolas Sarkozy charges into elections behind a social and economic battering ram

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French president Nicolas Sarkozy on Sunday announced a battery of economic measures the scope of which has never before been undertaken by a president facing an imminent re-election contest. While still not officially declaring himself candidate in the two-round elections that begin in April, although providing a clear hint that he will run as expected, Sarkozy presented a raft of major reforms to be rushed through parliament in the weeks ahead, including a hike in VAT, a go-it-alone ‘Tobin tax’ and the effective end of the 35-hour minimum working week, all of which are to be introduced after the elections. Mathieu Magnaudeix analyses the principal measures unveiled during an hour-long interview broadcast live across eight television channels.