EU-Mercosur free trade deal under fire, but how hot might it get?

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The French government has announced it will not sign “as it stands” a proposed free trade deal between the European Union (EU) and the Mercosur economic bloc of South American countries Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay, citing environmental concerns and notably the deforestation of swathes of the Amazon region for cattle farms. But while EU member countries appear increasingly divided over the terms of the trade agreement, French economist Mathilde Dupré, co-founder of the Paris-based Veblen Institute think tank on economic issues surrounding ecological transition, tells Mediapart why what she calls a “climaticidal” deal may yet go ahead.

Amazon fires to top G7 agenda as Macron opposes Mercosur deal

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The crisis of wildfires raging in the Amazon is to be the subject of emergency talks at this weekend's G7 summit in south-west France, while President Emmanuel Macron has announced he is withdrawing support for the Mercosur free-trade deal between the EU and South American nations, accusing his Brazilian counterpart Jair Bolsonaro of 'lying' about his commitments on combating the climate emergency.

French farmers damage more offices of MPs over trade deals

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Local farmers’ association said it carried out the protest, spraying slogans against treaty between European Union and Canada, known as CETA.