In Mexico 'you can die just for being a woman'

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Figures show that in the month of January more than ten women a day were murdered in Mexico. In some areas of the country, say women's rights campaigners, women are disposed of like “a piece of garbage”. Meanwhile to the dismay of local associations the new left-wing government in the country is not treating the issue as a priority. Marie Hibon reports on the appalling situation facing many women in Mexico.

Trump cites France shootings in call for more US border security

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In a message he posted on Twitter on Wednesday, US President Donald Trump, currently battling for approval of a budget to beef up immigration barriers with a wall on the US border with Mexico, cited the terrorist shooting spree on Tuesday in Strasbourg to justify a clampdown on migrants, apparently ignorant of the fact that the suspect in the attack was born in the the eastern French city.

Minister rebukes Franco-Swiss company over Trump wall comment

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French foreign minister Jean-Marc Ayrault intervened after LafargeHolcim's boss said he was prepared to supply materials forUS/Mexico wall.

How cash from French carbon trading fraud funded Latin American drug cartels

France— Investigation

French criminal investigators have established a financial link between the recent carbon trading fraud – the biggest crime of its kind France has ever seen – and Latin American cocaine cartels. In particular the money trail points to a connection between the massive fraud and the infamous Sinaloa Cartel, whose boss is the drugs baron Joaquín 'El Chapo' Guzmán. Fabrice Arfi reports.

TV channel FRANCE 24 breaks 'massacre' of school students in Mexico

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The rolling news channel reported evidence that more than 30 high school students were kidnapped by local police forces and drug cartels.

Trierweiler tweet threatens to derail Hollande's Mexico trip

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Former first lady steps into high-profile custody battle involving senior Mexican politician as French president tries to mend ties between countries.

Could an uprising in rural Mexico point the way to a post-capitalist world?

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Twenty years ago the Zapatista movement in Mexico symbolised a rejection of capitalism that was later to feed into the global justice movement. However the prevailing mood in the West at the time was that fundamental change to the capitalist structure of society had become unimaginable. Then came the financial crisis of 2008, which caused a major re-think among many intellectuals and activists. Now French historian Jérôme Baschet has drawn on personal knowledge of the Zapatista movement for a new book in which he describes potential routes to a post-capitalist society. Joseph Confavreux reviews 'Farewell to capitalism'.

Frenchwoman jailed 60 years for kidnapping returns home from Mexico

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Florence Cassez, jailed in Mexico seven years ago for gang crime, has been freed after a long legal campaign claiming evidence was fabricated.

Lost in Mexico, the 'forgotten' French hostage


As French President François Hollande prepared two days of talks, beginning Wednesday, with Mexican President-elect Enrique Peña Nieto, the wife of a Franco-Mexican music conductor kidnapped by a Mexican drug gang 15 months ago addressed an emotional appeal to the two leaders to reactivate the investigation clouded by incompetence and suspected corruption. Raphaël Morán reports.