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Controversial author's new novel predicts French discontent

 Michel Houellebecq’s long-awaited novel, Serotonin, hit French bookstores on late last week with a massive print run of 320,000 copies.

France honours its most provocative author

Michel Houellebecq, who at times has been forced to live under police protection, has been awarded the Legion of Honour.

French satirical novelist in 'verbal brawl' with Le Monde newspaper

Michel Houellebecq called journalists 'parasites' and 'cockroaches' after newspaper published 'unauthorised' articles on his life.

Writer denies novel about Muslim-run France was designed to 'provoke'

Leading French novelist Michel Houellebecq has been accused of inciting Islamophobia with his latest book 'Submission'.

Michel Houellebecq's new novel sees a Muslim president of France

The provocative French writer's sixth novel, published in early 2015, tells of a country in turmoil and political upheaval.