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French government at odds with itself over urgency of jobless benefits reform

Finance minister and president say changes can wait until 2016 but economy minister and prime minister say they want action 'in short term'.

France to tackle rules that hamper company growth

Government has made 'regulatory thresholds' - which employers say stop firms growing -  a key focus of talks on labour market reforms.

EU preparing to reject France’s 2015 budget say officials

Brussels may be willing to use new compliance rules to tell Paris to rewrite its 2015 budget, triggering a crisis.

France defies EU partners with 'no austerity' budget

Ministers say borrowing will meet EU limits two years later than promised and that 'no further effort will be demanded of the French'.

Eurozone ministers upset by broken French budget promises

Ministers from countries who have carried out major budget cuts said to be 'very unhappy' with French failure to meet deadlines.

France drops growth forecast and says will miss deficit target

Finance minister says economy will grow by just 0.4% in 2014 compared with recent 0.5%  forecast and public deficit will be 4.4% not 3.8%.

France slashes growth forecasts and says will miss 2014 deficit target

Finance minister says growth for 2014 will be 0.5% - half the original forecast - as figures show French economy stagnant in second quarter.

France hits out at dollar dominance in international transactions

French finance minister Michel Sapin calls for 'rebalancing' of the currencies used for global payments after US fined BNP Parisbas bank.

France to miss deficit, growth targets says IMF

Organisation also fears voter resistance to spending restraints could jeopardise France's long-term strategy for restoring public accounts to health.

French unemployment hits new high despite reforms

In all 24,800 people were added to the jobless total last month, marking a new record of 3.388 million without work in France.

Brussels casts doubt on France’s deficit reduction strategy

Commission says reform programme unveiled by President François Hollande in January had 'insufficient' detail to match its ambitions.

French energy minister muddies waters over Alstom

Segolene Royal first supports GE bid for French firm, then backtracks, as she also attacks some male ministers as 'cocksure machos'.

France steps up campaign to weaken euro

Led by prime minister Manuel Valls, ministers insist that eurozone political leaders should take up exchange rate issue and not leave it to ECB.

France set to miss key deficit target says European Commission

But French finance minister Michel Sapin insisted in a statement that Paris would meet the 3 percent target in 2015.

France backtracks in battle over EU deficit target

Prime minister Manuel Valls pledges France will stick to 2015 target despite earlier suggestions from president that it would ask for more leeway.