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French chefs boil as Bocuse restaurant stripped of one Michelin star

Several French chefs have reacted with anger and dismay at the decision by the Michelin guide to remove a star from the Auberge du Pont de Collonges restaurant in Lyon managed until his death in 2018 by Paul Bocuse, dubbed 'the pope of cuisine' by his peers, and which had kept its coveted three-star rating since 1965.

French chef given back Michelin honours he once refused

French chef Sebastien Bras, who previously turned down the maximum three stars he was awarded by the celebrated Michelin guide for his restaurant Le Suquet, in south-central France, explaining that it caused him too much stress, has been given a new two-star ranking in its 2019 edition.

Small-town French chef crushed by costs hands back Michelin star

Jérôme Brochot, who runs a restaurant in the fading former mining Burgundy town of Montceau-les-Mines, has renounced his coveted Michelin star because what he calls the economic 'disaster' of the local region means he no longer has the turnover to pay for the personnel, produce and precision demanded of the award.

Diners flock to French restaurant given Michelin star by mistake

The Michelin restaurant guide mixed up two restaurants of the same name on its website, mistakenly granting one of its esteemed star awards to a modest bar-restaurant in central France instead of another close to Paris, leading to a rush of custmers to the little-known establishment where a homemade beef bourguignon dish can be enjoyed for just 12.50 euros.

France gets two new three-star Michelin restaurants

A father and son team who run chalet restaurant La Bouitte in the French Alps have been awarded the coveted accolade for the first time.

Michelin Guide gives rare three stars to 'Champagne chef'

The 2014 Michelin Guide has pronounced Arnaud Lallement the latest among just 27 chefs in France to be handed the coveted culinary award.