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Why only secure and legal routes for migrants can avoid tragedy in the Channel

By Nejma Brahim
Small dinghies used by migrants to cross the Channel, lined up in the port of Dover. © AFP Small dinghies used by migrants to cross the Channel, lined up in the port of Dover. © AFP

The numbers of migrants attempting hazardous clandestine crossings of the Channel to reach Britain, mostly in overcrowded small dinghies, has soared this year, already reaching well more than double the total of 2019. Now the British government has called on the Royal Navy to assist the country’s Border Force in a move officials say is intended to make the crossings “unviable”. In this interview with Mediapart, François Gemenne, a prominent Belgian political scientist specialised in migratory issues, says that the situation in the Channel is comparable to that in the Mediterranean and warns that “the idea of closing migratory routes is absurd and dangerous” and “will lead to yet more tragedies”.

Body of teenage migrant found on French beach

French politicians believe the boy, whose body was found in Calais, went missing while attempting to cross the English Channel in a small boat.

French football authorities fail to get onside to help young migrants integrate

By Mickaël Correia
The migrant football association L'Équipe sans Frontières, at the end of a training session at Bobigny, north-east of Paris. © CC The migrant football association L'Équipe sans Frontières, at the end of a training session at Bobigny, north-east of Paris. © CC

In the Paris region, western France and the French Alps, local initiatives are springing up to help young migrants, many of them unaccompanied minors, to get involved in football to help them integrate and find their feet in their new country. These projects are similar to a much-larger initiative that began in Germany in 2015 when that country took in nearly one million refugees. But as Mickaël Correia reports, the sport's ruling body in France - the French Football Federation - is doing nothing to help the process.

France cancels speedboats delivery to Libyan coastguard

The French government has finally announced it will not supply the Libyan coastguard with six speedboats destined to be used against clandestine crossings to Europe after several NGOs mounted a legal challenge to the sale, arguing that France was contributing to human rights violations in Libya where captured migrants face notorious internment camps, torture and being used as slave labour.

Police testimony undermined after conviction of French volunteer who aided migrants

By Michel Henry

Pierre Mumber, a volunteer from the French Alps who came to the aid of migrants who crossed the nearby border with Italy, was last year convicted of 'helping a foreigner enter the country'. However, an appeal hearing against the verdict has been shown video footage from an Italian journalist which undermines the police version of events that led to the conviction. Meanwhile other cases confirm that the legal clampdown on French volunteers on the border who go out in search of migrants in distress is continuing. Michel Henry reports.

Migrants found in refrigerated truck in Calais

Eight people taken to hospital after showing symptoms of hypothermia; truck was heading to UK where 39 people were found dead in a container lorry last week.

Bodies of two young migrants found on Channel beach in France

Two bodies identified as those of a 17-year-old Iraqi Kurd and that of a 22-year-old Iraqi man were found washed up on a beach in northern France on Monday close to an inflatable boat believed to have been used in an attempt to cross the Channel to Britain.

Italy, France urge EU shared reception of rescued migrants

Speaking at a joint press conference in Rome on Wednesday, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and French President Emmanuel Macron called for all 28 member states of the EU to share reception of the numbers of migrants landing in Europe after being rescued from perilous crossings of the Mediterranean Sea, when Macron said those who refused to do so should be 'seriously penalized'.

Child among 22 migrants rescued from Channel by French authorities

Authorities were alerted to the migrants' plight off Dunkirk by a ferry just after midnight and sent out search and rescue teams.

Why Latin American migrants have been sleeping rough in a Paris suburb


Around 150 migrants from Latin America – Colombia, Cuba, Peru, Bolivia and the Dominican Republic – are living in a makeshift street camp in a Paris suburb having recently been evicted from a disused warehouse in which they were squatting. Some came to France for a better life for their family, others for political reasons. But as Irene Casado reports, all the migrants, who include children and pregnant women, face an uncertain future faced with the indifference of the local mayor and the lack of suitable housing.

The Paris radio station run by refugees for refugees

Stalingrad Connection, named after a Paris metro station where homeless migrants once set up a makeshift camp for shelter, broadcasts in five languages to keep asylum seekers in contact with each other, to report on their experiences and to provide practical information.

Tunisia – the new graveyard for migrants trying to cross Mediterranean

Faycal, from Sudan, is now applying for asylum in Tunisia. © Lilia Blaise Faycal, from Sudan, is now applying for asylum in Tunisia. © Lilia Blaise

The authorities in Tunisia have been overwhelmed following the shipwreck off neighbouring Libya on July 1st 2019 which left 90 migrants drowned. Graveyards are full, migrant reception centres cannot cope and there is no overall integration plan to welcome migrants into society. The Tunisian government is also critical of the inaction of European countries over the issue. Lilia Blaise reports from Medenine in south-west Tunisia.

Undocumented migrants mount protest at Paris Panthéon monument

A group of hundreds of mostly West Afican migrants stormed the Panthéon mausoleum in the Paris Latin Quarter on Friday to demand that the government review their status as illegal residents unable to obtain recognised rights to work and live in France.

France jails imam over Channel migrant crossings

The 39-year-old Iranian national, accused of arranging several crossings from northern France to England, fainted upon hearing his sentence.


UN envoy slams France over 'dire' living conditions of migrants

The UN’s special rapporteur for housing, Leilani Farha, has spoken out at the 'inhuman or degrading treatment' of migrants and refugees living without proper shelter in France, notably in and around Calais where, she said, 'people are being compelled to live in really dire circumstances, having already endured harrowing journeys there'.