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More people sleeping rough in Paris after Calais camp closed

Officials say rise in number of people living on street in capital could be linked to the demolition of so-called 'Jungle' migrant camp in Calais.

France and UK bicker over child migrants in Calais

French ministers have hit back at apparent British criticism of way migrant children are being treated while Calais camp is dismantled.

Calais 'Jungle' cleared of migrants says French official

But charities said many unaccompanied minors at the camp had not been processed and reporters said groups of adults remained in area.

Calais 'Jungle' clearance resumes after overnight tent-burning

A number of migrants 'followed tradition' and set ablaze their tents and their shelters when they left, says local French official.

Peace reigns as France clears 'Jungle' migrant camp

After sporadic unrest overnight, migrants waited with calm resignation to be relocated by bus in France while asylum requests are considered.

UK rules out dental checks to establish age of Calais migrant minors

A demand by several Conservative MPs that unaccompanied minors allowed to join relatives in the UK from the Calais 'Jungle' migrant camp be screened by dental checks to ensure they are not adults was rejected as an 'inaccurate, inappropriate and unethical' method by the British government.

Sky News team attacked by migrants near Calais

A TV crew filming migrants apparently awaiting an opportunity to stow away in trucks at a service station near the Channel port were set upon last Thursday evening in what they believe was probably an attack motivated by a people smuggler who was on the images.

Calais migrant camp children to begin transfer to Britain 'in days'

Hundreds of unaccompanied minors trapped in the "Jungle" migrant shantytown in Calais, which is due to be demolished, are to be allowed entry into Britain to join relatives as French and British officials speed up the transfer process.

France says Britain has 'moral duty' to accept Calais child migrants

France's interior minister said ahead of a meeting on Monday with his British counterpart that he was 'solemnly asking Britain to assume its moral duty' to grant asylum to hundreds of children living in the makeshift migrant camp in the French Channel port.

Angry French villagers protest over migrant relocation plan

Around 250 people joined a march in Forges-les-Bains, southwest of Paris, against a new migrant reception centre which houses 44 Afghans.

French police and migrants clash in Calais

Confrontation came after 200 migrants and some 50 protesters assembled to protest against living conditions in the nearby 'Jungle' camp.

France to move Calais migrants to nationwide centres

During a visit to a refugee reception centre in Tours, west-central France, President François Hollande said that about 9,000 migrants living rough in the Channel port would soon be dispersed to similar centres around the country.

A sleepy French village torn apart by a centre for migrants

The Château de Pergaud, near Allex, where migrants will be offered temporary shelter. © L. Geslin The Château de Pergaud, near Allex, where migrants will be offered temporary shelter. © L. Geslin

The usually tranquil village of Allex, in the Drôme Valley region of south-east France, has become agitated over the imminent opening of a reception centre for migrants. Villagers’ opposition to the centre, which will house about 50 individuals, has prompted the mayor to announce a referendum on the issue. Laurent Geslin reports from this small village of 2,500 inhabitants where, as France’s 2017 presidential election campaign draws closer, local conservative and far-right parties have jumped upon the opportunity to stoke the fires of prejudice and resentment.

Belgian police arrested in France with vanload of migrants

The Belgian ambassador to France was on Thursday summoned to explain why the two arrested police officers had crossed the border with 13 migrants in their vehicle.

French minister vows to close Calais migrant camp

Interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve says he will press ahead with dismantling the 'Jungle' in coastal town with the 'greatest determination'.