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French military to join virus fight in France as death toll grows

President Emmanuel Macron said the military operation, named 'Resilience', will focus on "aiding and supporting the population, as well as helping public services face the epidemic in mainland France and overseas".

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Just one-in-three French army helicopters operational: report

A French Senate report has found that last year 300 helicopters out of France's total military fleet of 467 were 'immobilized', a problem the report said 'prevented the conduct of certain missions, particularly in France', while warning that the pressure on service personnel is leading to their exhaustion.

Macron to propose military action against human traffickers

In interview with FRANCE 24 the French president said he would be proposing military action to combat migrant slave trading.

France, Germany to share military facilities post Brexit

Paris and Berlin announce plans to share air base and transport planes, probably at Orléans in central France, as part of a closer defence policy.

France urges EU travel bans, asset freezes to break Libya logjam

French FM slammed Libyan politicians blocking formation of a government of national untity needed for planned Western intervention against IS.  

The Afghan interpreters cut adrift by French army

Threatened at home, only 73 of the 258 former Afghan auxiliaries in French army who requested visas to live in France have been granted them.

France increases defence spending 'to counter extremism'

President Hollande says spending will rise by nearly €4bn over four years from 2016 to tackle threats 'at home and overseas'.

France unveils 'voluntary' military service scheme

Three centres for the new Voluntary Military Service will open this year for 1,000 youngsters who have dropped out of the educational system.

France’s military brothels: hidden history of World War I

The French authorities set up 'Military Campaign Brothels' in a bid to control sexually transmitted diseases that affected up to 30% of troops.

France 'will have to pay US' for military aid in Africa

US defence officials say they will ask for cost of helping France fight insurgents in Sahel region of Africa to be 'reimbursed'.

The French five-star general who has 'bewitched' President Hollande

Benoît Puga en novembre 2011 © Reuters Benoît Puga en novembre 2011 © Reuters

When François Hollande was elected head of state in May 2012, General Benoît Puga expected to be removed from the powerful position as chief military advisor to the French president that he had held under Nicolas Sarkozy. Instead Puga was kept on, and has even seen his influence grow following French military interventions in Mali and the Central African Republic. “He's taking control of the president's brain,” is the view of some at the ministry of defence. Increasingly, Puga's role at the Elysée Palace is causing annoyance among MPs from the ruling Socialist Party, not least because of the general's known right-wing sympathies. In the meantime, argues Thomas Cantaloube, Puga's continuing presence at the heart of government tells us a great deal about the Sarkozy years, the way Hollande exercises power and about the fawning and secret nature of this five-star general himself.

France tackles sex assault in military

Defence minister Jean-Yves Le Drian presents 36-page report and says there will be 'zero tolerance' for assaults and harassment of women recruits.

Hollande pledges France will strive to avoid CAR split

On a visit to the Central African Republic, the French president pledged strong military support to avoid a break-up of the strife-torn country.

France in the Central African Republic is latest use of 'Hollande doctrine'

The country is using military intervention in Africa for humanitarian means – but also to boost its leader's dismal poll rankings.

French military prepares 2014 cuts, far-right seeks to benefit

Defence minister Jean-Yves Le Drian says 7,881 jobs will be cut next year but promises that by 2019 France will have 'the leading army in Europe'.