New French government mocked over minister for 'attractiveness'

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In a Twitter post in English by the French foreign affairs ministry announcing the composition of France's new government, it detailed that former culture minister Franck Riester was now the new 'minister for foreign trade and attractiveness', prompting widespread mockery and an official correction of his title to the little more convincing 'minister for foreign trade and economic attractiveness'.

French minister compares veil wearers to 'negroes who accepted slavery'

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Laurence Rossignol sparked a row after she appeared on French TV and criticised fashion brands that market hijabs as 'irresponsible'.

Minister's claim of '100 Molenbeeks' in France sparks debate

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Linking of notorious district of Brussels to France is welcomed by political right but others dispute link between poverty and radicalisation.

French government minister resigns over poor health

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Duties of Geneviève Fioraso as minister for higher education and research will be taken on by education minister Najat Vallaud-Belkacem.

French minister ‘received death threats’ over reforms

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Emmanuel Macron, whose reforms aim to 'unblock' the French economy, has started legal action against 'certain public officials' after the threats.

Ex-French economy minister Montebourg goes to business school

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Former major figure in government has enrolled at top institution because he wants to set up own firm and 'running a business is a real job'.

French minister ‘first from Europe’ to visit Africa’s Ebola-hit region

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Development secretary Annick Girardin is in Guinean capital Conakry to visit Ebola units and discuss France's role in halting epidemic.

Is former trade minister France’s most despised man?

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Thomas Thévenoud, sacked for not declaring earnings for three years, is under pressure from all directions to stand down as MP.

France gets key economic post in new Juncker European Commission

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Former French finance minister Pierre Moscovici will take up the important economic and monetary affairs portfolio despite some German misgivings.

French minister rapped for underestimating how much he is worth

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Watchdog ordered millionaire Jean-Marie Le Guen to re-evaluate property portfolio he had listed at €700,000 below true value.

Hollande fires environment minister after criticism of 2014 budget plans

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Delphine Batho had said on TV that it was a 'bad budget' and that French people are 'disappointed' with the year-old government.

French Korean-born minister in landmark Seoul visit

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Fleur Pellerin has begun a highly anticipated visit  to the land of her birth, where her success story is a source of public pride, admiration and curiosity.

'We're losing 5-0': the sombre mood among French socialist MPs after budget minister's resignation

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The resignation of budget minister Jérôme Cahuzac after a full judicial investigation was launched over his Swiss bank account sent shock waves through the ruling Socialist Party. Many MPs refuse to believe that their colleague has lied over the affair. Others want to turn the page as quickly as possible and put the matter behind them. But as Mathieu Magnaudeix, Stéphane Alliès and Lénaïg Bredoux report, one thing that is certain is that the resignation has not improved the mood in the ruling party, where one MP likened the current situation to a football match in which his side is being hammered...

From deglobalisation to cutting business costs: has France's industry supremo changed his political spots?

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As a contender to be the Socialist Party's presidential candidate a year ago Arnaud Montebourg railed against high-finance and publicly backed deglobalisation and protectionism. But last week the man who is now France’s industrial recovery minister showered a report calling for sharp cuts in labour costs with fulsome praise. His friends insist there is no contradiction. However some wonder whether Montebourg has undergone a political conversion since becoming a government minister. Mediapart’s Lénaïg Bredoux reports.