French court rules no rape charges for firemen in 'teen assault' case

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None of twenty-one firefighters accused of raping a girl when she was aged between 13 and 15 can be charged with rape, France's highest court has ruled, but some could face lesser charges of sexual assault.

Outrage over French girl's rape case sparks demand for law change

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Campaigners call for the introduction of an age of consent as 20 French firefighters face charges.

Probe launched into suspected Epstein sex crimes in France


The Paris prosecution services announced on Friday that they have launched a preliminary investigation into suspected “rape” and “sexual assault”, notably of minors, in connection with the activities in France of the late US financier Jeffrey Epstein and others connected to him. The investigation, which has received claims by ten people in France that they were victims or witnesses of sexual violence committed by Epstein and his entourage, will seek not only evidence of crimes that may have been committed in France, but also those involving French victims or perpetrators committed abroad.

France demands that UK 'accepts its responsibility' for migrant children

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President François Hollande, speaking at a UNICEF conference in Paris on children caught in conflict, slammed the British government's refusal to take in more migrant minors with family already settled in Britain and who are now stranded in France. 

Child migrants from Calais camp 'providing free labour' on farms

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Unaccompanied minors dispersed from the 'Jungle' refugee camp last month to France’s official reception centres have alleged that have been forced into unpaid work on farms to pick apples sold to French supermarkets, and some said they had not been given clean clothes since they arrived at the centres.

UK-bound migrant minors in France 'on hunger strike'

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Charities report hunger strikes and absconding among the 1,600 children and young people evacuated from the Calais 'jungle' camp to centres across France where many are kept unaware of the progress of their applications to join relatives in Britain.

Race for UK entry of unaccompanied minors as Calais camp is evacuated

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With the expected dismantlement of the 'jungle' migrant camp in Calais to begin as of Monday morning, the French authorities step up attempts with UK counterparts to save children who have right of entry into Britain from being herded with adults into centres around France amid 'chaos' of evacuation. 

Calais migrant camp children to begin transfer to Britain 'in days'

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Hundreds of unaccompanied minors trapped in the "Jungle" migrant shantytown in Calais, which is due to be demolished, are to be allowed entry into Britain to join relatives as French and British officials speed up the transfer process.

France launches criminal investigation into French troops CAR sex abuse claims

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The judicial probe is launched after France was criticised for slow action on claims its troops sexually abused boys in Central African Republic.

Australian 'guru' jailed in France for repeated rape of teenage girls

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The 43-year-old computer programmer was given 19 years in jail after forcing four female minors to live as naked 'slaves' at his Riviera home.