French climbers missing in Himalayas

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Two 27-year-old French mountaineers and their French coach, aged 32, are reported missing since last week in Nepal during a climbing expedition close to Mount Everest, in an area where an avalanche struck on Wednesday.

The search for truth about the 'disappeared' of Mosul

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Many thousands of people disappeared without trace during the occupation of large parts of Iraq by the Islamic State (IS) group between 2013 and 2017, most of them feared buried in hundreds of mass graves around the country which remain unexcavated. But among the lost, whose families continue to seek news of their fate, are also former captives of the jihadists, who are now detained in Iraqi prisons suspected of being members of IS. The increasingly desperate families of the vanished are demanding action to establish the truth about what happened to their relatives, and the mounting anger has become an issue in this weekend’s parliamentary elections in the country. Jérémy André reports from the city of Mosul in northern Iraq.

Alps missing girl case suspect says she was in his car, denies abduction

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A 34-year-old man has been arrested and placed under investigation for his suspected abduction of nine-year-old Maëlys de Araujo, who disappeared a week ago while she attended a wedding reception, after a sample of her DNA was found in his car which he admits she got into while denying he kidnapped her.

France cuts down search off La Réunion for MH370 debris

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The largely fruitless search of waters off Indian Ocean island began after a wing section apparently from lost plane was found there last month.

Young Frenchman lost on New York subway found after four days

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Arthur Astie, 22, was found in a hospital in the Bronx, four days after he took wrong subway train while on phone to his father and vanished.

French co-pilot on missing AirAsia jet

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Co-pilot Rémi Emmanuel Plesel is among the 162 people aboard the Airbus plane that went missing early Sunday en route to Singapore.

The mystery of the 'disappeared' of Gaza

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The International Committee of the Red Cross calls it “a major problem”, while the United Nations says it has no idea of the numbers involved. The one thing that is certain is that at least hundreds of families in Gaza are still looking for relatives who have disappeared without trace following the 50-day Israeli offensive that began in July. For some, the answer may lie beneath the rubble of destroyed buildings that still litter the land. But there is also speculation that other missing Palestinians may be detained in Israel, or have met death as they fled by sea to Europe. Mediapart’s Middle East and North Africa affairs correspondent Pierre Puchot reports from Gaza on an enduring mystery that has become something of a taboo.

France demands release of journalists missing in Syria

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President Francois Hollande said the journalists, French radio station Europe 1's Didier Francois and Edouard Elias, should be freed immediately.

Body of British boy missing on French island found

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A body found in the sea off the French island of Porquerolles is confirmed to be that of a 12 year-old British boy missing since Saturday.

British boy goes missing on French island

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French police continue search for a 12-year-old British boy who disappeared during a storm on an island off the south coast of France two days ago.

Missing UK schoolgirl and teacher found in France

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Missing UK schoolgirl Megan Stammers, who eloped to France with her 30 year-old teacher, has been found in Bordeaux and taken into care of police.