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Motorbike burns out in front of Jordanian military mission in Paris

An investigation is underway to establish whether a motorbike that was destroyed by flames which spread to a diplomatic behicle in front of the Jordanian military mission in Paris early Wednesday was set on fire deliberately.

The challenges of EU mission to train Palestinian police

French CRS officers training Palestinian police. © Chloé Demoulin French CRS officers training Palestinian police. © Chloé Demoulin

For the past ten years, a European Union-funded mission in the West Bank is training the Palestinian police in modern policing methods. With police instructors from EU member states, the EUPOL COPPS mission is aimed at building an effective police force ahead of the possible creation of a Palestinian state. But the challenges are vast, and the programme’s future is uncertain. Mediapart correspondent Chloé Demoulin reports from the West Bank mission, beginning with the unusual scene of a lesson by French riot police on how to disperse a peaceful sit-in.

Trierweiler fulfills last 'first lady' mission in Mumbai

The French president's former partner, from whom he formally separated this weekend, has arrived in India for a pre-planned charity mission.

Cool German reaction to French appeal for support in Central Africa

Germany appears to have dismissed French calls for EU partners to help with financial support and ground troops for its CAR peacekeeping mission.