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Egypt and France sign deal over warships built for Russia

Egypt has inked a deal to buy two helicopter carriers originally built by France for Russia before their sale was scrapped over the Ukraine crisis.

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'No difficulty' for France to find Mistral buyers says Hollande

French president upbeat about prospects for sale of two warships after deal with Russia was formally ended.

Mistral warships: Russia and France agree compensation deal

France will fully refund Russia for the two helicopter carriers, for which Moscow made an advance payment of about €840m.

France denies deal with Russia on warship compensation

Despite claims in Moscow, French president François Hollande insists there is 'no deal yet' with Russia over non-delivery of Mistral ships.

France 'settles warship compensation claim' with Russia

Senior Kremlin official says 'everything has been decided' over how much France will pay Russia for non-delivery of two Mistral warships.

Russia seeks nearly 1.2bln euros from France for undelivered warships

The Russian compensation claim for the French-built helicopter carriers, blocked over Ukraine crisis, is well below France's offer of 785m euros.

Speculation over China deal for French-built warships

Rare visit to Shanghai by French navy Mistral-class helicopter carrier prompts conjecture over deal on undelivered sister ships built for Russia.

Hollande: France will reimburse Russia if warships are not delivered

Delivery of first helicopter carrier was due last year but deal was put on hold after Russia’s role in Ukraine crisis led to EU sanctions.

Putin says France must repay Russia's costs for undelivered helicopter carriers

The Russian leader said he sought only to recover outlay on the French-built warships, a 1.2-billion-euro deal suspended over the Ukraine crisis.

Russian sailors to leave France amid suspension of warship delivery

French shipbuilder DCNS said the 400 sailors training on a helicopter carrier that France is refusing to deliver to Russia would soon return home.

Russia 'readies to sue France' over non-delivery of warship

France has hinted that Ukraine crisis will delay delivery due this month to Russia of the first of two French-built Mistral helicopter carriers.

Ukraine crisis: France halts warship delivery to Russia

France says conditions are 'not right' for delivery of first of two Mistral navy assault ships, blaming Moscow's recent actions in Ukraine.

Russian sailors get French warship training

Around 400 Russian sailors are in France for training on warship that France is selling to Russia despite US concern over Ukraine crisis.

France moves to defy allies over sale of warships to Russia

Despite calls from US and other nations to scrap or suspend deal, France will train Russian sailors later this month in how to operate new ships.

Despite pressure, France won't cancel warship deal with Russia

Though US wants France to delay or scrap €1.2 billion contract, French officials say ending contact would harm Paris more than Moscow.