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Back to school for French pupils - without their phones

Ban was brought in under a law passed in July which also banishes tablets and smart watches from French primary and junior high schools.

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France bans use of mobile phones by pupils at school

French parliament on Thursday voted in favour of the introduction of a law prohibiting the use of mobile phones by children at state schools, extending and reinforcing a ban on mobile phones already applied by about half of France's almost 60,000 educational establishments.

French government unveils plan to ban mobile phones in schools

French education minister Jean-Michel Blanquer has announced that school pupils aged between 6- and 15-years-old will be banned from using their mobile phones at school from the start of the next education year, beginning in September 2018.

Mobile phones 'overtake landlines in French households'

A yearly survey has found for the first time that among households which possess a phone, fewer now have a landline than a mobile device.

The woman who recharges Calais migrants' phones

Devout Catholic Brigitte Lips, 58, plugs in phones all day at her home so migrants at the French port can keep in touch with their families.

Orange sees end of price war in France

Chief financial officer of the country's largest mobile operator said 'prices have reached a floor' after two years of fierce competition.

Let’s call time on French‑bashing

Erroneous story about France 'banning' work emails after 6pm is just latest example of 'lazy' UK journalism about its neighbour across the Channel.

Free Mobile sparks French telecoms price war

Xavier Niel's Free Mobile has launched, with an aggressive price war against main French operators in one of Europe's most expensive markets.